Yan geling about creation: can’t do a money more than free (figure)

yan geling, good at writing the destiny of women writers, including the jinling thirteen women more films was made into a film. Recently, yan geling writers publishing house launched together called & other; Transformation work & throughout; The latest novel “lu made how knowledge”. The protagonist in the book is the era of the one called yan lu intellectuals, his fate was spreading in the 20th century in the historical background of China’s ups and downs. & other; I’ve written a lot of men as the hero of the works, but didn’t seem to be attention. Throughout the &; Yan geling said, perhaps the work can make a change in her image in the eyes of readers. Yan geling, the work, has produced more than ten years, the hero of the prototype also comes from her grandfather had a curious and fascinating. She said: & other; A writer, wants to be able to stand in anyone’s shoes to feel, to discover. Throughout the &;

[talk about new book]

characters from the & other Root & throughout; The curiosity of

reporter (hereinafter referred to as “) : “lu made how knowledge is called & other; Transformation work & throughout; Do you agree with? The prototype of the hero is your grandfather?

yan geling (hereinafter referred to as yan) : my image in the eyes of the reader may be a little change, can readers feel that I am a writer of women in the past, this also let the reader see I also can write men. In the past, I also wrote a lot of the hero’s novel, it seems not too pay attention to. The book building for more than ten years, my grandfather is the shadow of the novel, the hero, I since the childhood to his curiosity and, especially want to know him, especially want to know him, especially I know he suicide at age 40, is often think he is a what kind of person? He is so elites, so lucky people, as a child is a child prodigy of character, 16 years old, college 20 years old to go abroad, to obtain a doctorate at age 25 will be four languages. So of the hero’s origin, is to oneself & other; Root & throughout; The curious.

to understand his grandfather’s process, is also found that their own process. My second aunt in the United States said, home is the most like her father, my grandfather, is me. I am 30 years old, from scratch to learn a language, for example, once a toefl test. I’m also a little & other; Bipolar disorder & throughout; , may also have some like a grandfather, have very high creativity, but often easy to fall into, over a deep ocean of anguish. Many writers inevitably to the elders of his own house, especially unusual interest in elders, this is a sense of kinship, root, shall be investigated for, discover, understand and sex. How is the prototype of lu and a elder, no relation with us, my grandfather died when the war of resistance, I will give the elder’s experience together with him, the elder is the book how general lu for & other; Counter-revolutionary & throughout; Was sentenced to prototype.

twice to northwest investigation for the creation

note: book stories similar to two elder how many degrees? Are you involved in the writing process of data, such as the penal farm is how to collect?

yan: a novelist, to the imagination as the first element, only tell the story of the two men, may have made it clear several pages. A lot of my imaginary, 90% is my imaginary. They all died for a long time, they are a lot of things is broken. One of my data is the elders gave me a book’s note written by him, was written for me, he is afraid of something, not very clear, I was around 1994. I have two dedicated to northwest investigation, a Tibetan autonomous county in qinghai province, was once the penal farm, where prisoners were pardoned early now, long a lot of knowledge, knowledge, also with the discipline of the retired chatting, disciplining children. Such as this is how to put the bed, the first no prison, just using the lime drew three white line, the first is the prison house, and a line is a wall outside, again on the outside is a big circle of vigilance, not insurmountable. Is a designated area, at that time no one run away. That was just a piece of grass, so they lived for three years, then set up tents, tent is a white line. They stood on the white line can also be seen in the discipline, the worker’s families and children, many prisoners are intellectuals, and so did the child’s teacher.

【 谈祖父 】

his most pain may be felt not free

note: the fate of the protagonist in the book involves a about freedom, also involving multi-level freedom.

yan: this is a hero to realize, the understanding of freedom. What is freedom? What is the enemy of freedom? Later realized the enemies of freedom should be his own. In earlier have free time, he in front of the best and the most beautiful woman is his mother make arrangements for his wife, he thinks this is not their freedom, and went into his lifetime of a myth. This is his life the biggest regret. Lost during free time, he was sentenced him think of the relationship, to realize what it is. Later he returned to the free world, only to find that is not free. I think that kind of person my grandfather, he is the most painful is probably think there is no freedom, he fell in love with a girl in the United States, but must go back to China.