Yan geling listening to others tell a story: the novel creation is to rely on fantasy factors

recently, yan geling novel “lu made how knowledge” in the large bookstores all over the country, and in the novel she “jinling thirteen women of the upcoming movie, eagerly awaited by the film audience, in the first half of this year broadcast by her writers” pursuit of happiness “also commanded a cheer.

in front of yan geling, calm, have temperament, no shelf. Live for a long time in foreign, she began to write in the morning every day, do household chores, in quiet state, “aunt more cranes”, “the ninth widow” and “dinner”, “hula”, “day bath” these different times background, depict various characters, tells the story of the novel, a then a, and nearly all these works become film adaptation of the hot, for the majority of the audience.

then, yan geling itself also became a story, in the world of Chinese writing, she constantly arouse people’s curiosity.

first contain all possibilities

edit: your new novel “lu made how knowledge”, tells a left the Shanghai big childe in the 1920 s and 90 s life experiences. How is the last in the fiction, the land is blindness, his wife, yu feng wan is memory loss, so write it have any special meaning?

yan geling: I get a revelation from father, people in some way disabled, actually have more freedom. For example my father later ears deaf, but he can wear hearing AIDS to participate in your conversation, or not to participate in your conversation, he can live in their own world. So such a lack of a functional and sensory, may not be as painful as we imagined, perhaps he is a free.

edit: images of women in your work gives a person deeper impression, they are all very good, tolerant, in life to make a lot of sacrifices, and male characters are more vulnerable, does it have anything to do with your understanding of gender?

yan geling: what do you think the women in the novel of my more perfect?

edit: my impression is like this.

yan geling: that may be associated with I am a woman, I can’t out of your own limitations. But I’m not completely convinced of this statement, then I will put forward a dream of red mansions inside besides jia baoyu is cute, other like Jia Zheng, xue fan, each character is not so let a person like, female characters are cute. Why I and cao xueqin, and Tolstoy, all love women, so I don’t know exactly.

a man in here I have a hero and a hero, I love to write the hero. Men itself is the mainstream in society, women relative to the edge, then in such a mainstream pick out a person, again as a hero, and method of watching? Such a man so I like to write the banquet bug, he himself is a hero, but you can see his hero’s side, behind his shortcomings, you will find that he is very cute. I like write a national history projection in the little man, make this little change destiny.

edit: the characters in the novel is the same as you envisioned?

yan geling: each person has a lot of places is not what I had planned. I write characters basically has a sketch, but people have life I write this, a lot of things beyond the plan. So, the creation is a very casual thing, the more chance to write something, the better.

a lot of things are divine, in fact, when you don’t think your subconscious mind at work. The painter in the first paint up, actually contains all the possibility of a stroke, this possibility is not occasional case is impossible to appear. So I think the enchantment of the creation is here, it is too casual, completely not repeatable, if I put this novel lost, I couldn’t have created another of the same work.