Yan geling: stealth’s fearful is the first-class in the legend (FIG.)

listen to horror story: as a child & other; The night a man upstairs. Stair corner from dong, dong, dong’s footsteps & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Now recall is really the most literary plot. Because in addition to the nights, the sounds of footsteps and the narrator exaggerated tone, more caused horror effect is hidden in the night the man behind the unknowable. Mysterious charm is unknowable, terror is the same & ndash; & ndash; Gods, demons, fate, in the future, and any one moment came flowers smile & hellip; & hellip; The unknowable is awesome, but also with super power.

so the real terror, is to hide under the day-to-day work in modest, and out of control, not noticing the mutations always vigilant, is to not move than quiet: when a foot to afraid of stepping to the thunder, but nothing has happened. Thrilling tend to appear in casual. Ray didn’t ring, but through a foot empty and weightless moment. This kind of artistic techniques in the often seen in America’s horror fiction. Hopkins horror movie that is under the flat bottom adjustable hold great thrilling and stir. , by contrast, in the domestic art suspense, is nothing more than accumulation is some noise and scream, how many somewhat pediatrician.

but yan geling’s fearful is the first-class: her initial written “jinling thirteen women” is just a space no longer short. A group of prostitutes wet behind not deep in December 13, 1937, nanjing’s fate will be? Neutral Wilson church, after all, is not the paradise of the asylum in the United States. While there is no human nature of the Japanese eyes, as long as they want, there is no can’t get into place. That night, the Japanese want to celebrate Christmas, in the name of the choir, please sing on girls to the barracks. So they become hell & ndash; & ndash; In the hands of the devil, heaven has become a hell & ndash; & ndash; On the edge of the & other; Suet ball & throughout; . Their small, such as a worm, such as dust, trivial, but at the time of the generous die everyone through the cover of darkness concealed weapon. The key is, yan geling dare use this view in the history of China’s most bitter war experience and the historical memory, and expose the angels and demons human truth stripped and desperately really is impressive.

she always seems to be happy with a girl, the fate of the train hold sadness and regret for life. Also good at to the humble individual destiny, in the extensive background of and brutal society. This may be about her experience, 12 years old to join the army, was Wen Yibing, skip the ballet. 15 years old puppy love, but her lover betrayed and betray her, she seems to be a bad name tempter, chest is always very hot in the scarlet letter. She even at the age of 20 in a border war as a war correspondent. Witnessed the survival and death in the war, blood, etc. Bloody scenes. The experience and now she early works such as “magic denier”, “white snake”, and Adam and eve, the day bath and the recent “righteousness dog belle”, “slippers brigade”. She living abroad for many years, since 1986, has published 15 novels, 7 ZhongDuanPian stories, surprisingly kept surging and exuberant creativity. And she is always hidden behind those words, quiet, loneliness, nervousness, but sensitive and looked again, full of a kind of explosive.

as a matter of fact, literature and the writing is to every mortal extraordinary life, in the channel of artistic after impregnation, filtering and cutting, the essence of the present with the truth. It is situated deep touches to our mind and soul and ideographic long message. The best literature on behalf of himself, on his behalf in self discovery can also be found him. In this sense, she is called by the critics & other; Her fame far failed to match her strength & throughout; .

as early as ten years ago, her “a young female early maturity with a lively, witty, delicate feminine tone story again. She looks as if nothing has occurredly narrative and casual. So it is easy to be misled, thought she said some of their family or love/hate, guessing completely behind these mild-mannered, she said an ordinary rural women, do not know anything about the world by accident during the process of dying & ndash; & ndash; Like thousands of rural women’s looks nice and better, the rural women’s once the mayor with secret delusion that can replace his lover one day. & other; In the assembly line consumption than in the Angle of huang ping no disease no disaster, wriggling good & throughout; . She doesn’t know the city tube face was black and blue was called makeup, & other; Body is a place, a bubble urine bulge out all dare not move throughout the &; . So a man smiled to her & ndash; & ndash; That’s out of town for the first time the country woman need to smile, warm and thoughtful & ndash; & ndash; Are easily lured her to the hotel. & other; As if all the grievance has been calm & throughout; . She doesn’t know her body in a dangerous edge, and this situation will be unlimited worse.

she was sold to the macro road warrior. Big macro is take national wage, in front of him, she wanted to make it, want to crazy, crazy, do their master. She even once nurtured a little bit of fatalism and pride. Wait until she found that he was her husband and her husband’s silly brother after the brothers Shared, evil logic became complete: all people & ndash; & ndash; Old aunt cheated her out of the village, the traffickers at the hotel, the husband and his silly brother, all the people are complicit, all her pieces. She is at home parents hold in the palm of a piece of cake, but others sample biting and chewing. So her murder is not at all surprising. Anyone could help her to escape the cold law and waiting for the death of her fate.

in recent years, the sojourner, the ninth widows, the publication of “a woman’s epic”, “the young aunt more cranes” shooting and awards, the “mei lanfang” movie writers such as achievement, has pushed yan geling to creative peak. She is Chinese contemporary female writer first person.