Yan geling talk about “the ninth widow”, “the king grape” prototype is me

report from our correspondent a few days ago, according to the yan geling novel adaptation of zhang yimou filming for the movie “the jinling thirteen women well. Yan geling another important representative work of “the ninth widow” will be on the screen. TV drama “the ninth widow” collection of Chinese most production crew and a line of stars. Yan geling has publicly said that “the ninth widow” is her most of the novel, the heroine & other; The king grape & throughout; The prototype is her own.

here, yan geling “ninth widow”

women writing legend

TV series “the ninth widow” above the 40 to 80 s as the background, tells the story of a call in the central plains & other; The king grape & throughout; Legendary woman in the face of war, natural disasters, man-made of flexion and don’t fold the national vitality. This drama producer yansen zhao said that the work of yan geling grand historical narrative and personal saga clever union, its profound saving their feelings and rich life bring out the best in each other, writing has gone with a female of legend.

as the ninth widow in the original writer, yan geling said & other; The heroine & lsquo; The king grape & rsquo; Prototype is me, I am & lsquo; The king grape & rsquo; Was fascinated by this girl, this and their youth, purity, reckless, and age. Before writing this book, I saw Mrs Joon “hometown old story, wrote a lot of rural life in detail, these life details when I was in henan rural life, also personally feel, write up was not a bit strange. And I itself is a soldier, when a soldier for 13 years, and often went to the countryside, of course, is in rural sichuan province at that time. Throughout the &;

Joan buzz “ninth widow”

& other; The ninth widow has helped me to know a song three & throughout; To learn that “the ninth widow” is about to be made into a TV series, yan geling’s friend, a famous film actress Joan Chen also send the blessing of the show, & other; I am the ninth widow “first reader. I think this book no matter in any language in the world, any literature, it is a rare good work. And from the words, I can see a very beautiful film and television works. Throughout the &;

when it comes to the heroine in “the ninth widow” & other; The king grape & throughout; , Mr Chen said & other; & lsquo; The king grape & rsquo; Much like yan geling, are & lsquo; Dissuade & rsquo; Idealists throughout the &; Because & other; & lsquo; The king grape & rsquo; Kind affectionate, passionate people naturally like three songs, for others to estrogen. And read Freud’s theory of yan geling didn’t be Freud of human nature to change a bit pessimistic. The understanding of human nature seems to be more make she insisted on her idealism. In her work rarely seen radical villain, even if there were, she just disgust or poor with them. Throughout the &;