Yanan era proportion serious imbalance between men and women Trigger a crime passionnel case

this article from the history of 1202 & middot; two affection, denis sassou-nguesso, editor, jincheng press

in October 1937, China’s Anti-Japanese War is in full swing, in yanan, a bizarre murder is distracted the attention of people. This murder because of forced marriage, their cases to the Supreme Court of the shensi-kansu-ningsia border region, judgment but can’t make.

the homicide name Huang Kegong, male, 26 years old, jiangxi bamboo-shack, youth to participate in the red army, experienced a long march of twenty-five thousand li, crime, then to sustain the sixth captain; Called the victim of actor, female, the age of 16, shanxi dingxiang, was reading in taiyuan, after the outbreak of the war of resistance to abandon a well-off family environment to yanan, killed for northern shaanxi college students.

according to the load, in political and 黄谈 Liu Qianceng friends. After the northern shaanxi college, she began to distance herself from Huang Kegong. Huang thought liu another lover, then the anger of motive.

the border region’s high court described the crime in criminal judgment after:

Huang Kegong after dinner on October 5, bring Browning pistol, & hellip; & hellip; In front of the public fitness meet with actor, the recruit of actor huang walk down to the river for a walk, & hellip; & hellip; It has into the dark, & hellip; & hellip; Namely to negotiations, liu huang publicly announced to marry; Liu stiff refuse to fight. & hellip; & hellip; Huang Kegong loss of reason, and in order to hit the enemy’s bullets fired, aimed at young revolutionaries of actor REINS liu fall on the ground is not dead, still call for help, Huang Fu to add a gun head, liu liu is killed.

Huang Kegong forced marriage homicides shook the higher party. Though he is only 26 years old, is the jinggang mountains period of the old red army man. Preliminary examination, such as to sustain political department of public prosecution, the border region’s high court has sentenced Huang Kegong of capital punishment.

shu Yan account in the fight of shanbei huang told the court after the verdict:

I killed of actor. I know I made what kind of sin. But, please you read my struggle in the red army in ten years, give me a since the new road. And I was not afraid of death, but I was willing to die on the battlefield. & hellip; & hellip; The end of my life bullet, used to shot the enemy of our nation!

yellow cliches aroused strong repercussions, both inside and outside the court. When the court debate, many of veteran cadres in tears, asked that he be exempt from the death penalty, to work the redemption. ShenPanZu even received a signed & other; Dc team & throughout; Letter, which said: now is the Anti-Japanese War, actor of death, the revolution has suffered the loss, if Huang Kegong was put to death, revolution more losses.

in order to get chance to make amends, Huang Kegong saying after the first trial decision of the communist party of China leader, hope MAO personally speak for himself. So, how to respond to the request of Huang Kegong MAO zedong?

in fact, Huang Kegong case exposed the yenan was a heart everyone understand, everyone is not willing to say out problems & ndash; & ndash; Gender imbalance. “Yan ‘an literati” writes:

around 1938, yan the sex ratio in the revolutionary ranks of 30:1. To around 1941, the male to female ratio have eased, to 18:1. In April 1944, the sex ratio of 8:1.

ratio of large disparities, let the young women from all over the country become the most eye-catching scenery yan street.

strong group described in “da gong bao ShiYanAn street scene in the New Year 1938:

the agency had a holiday, all calm a small street, pedestrians are particularly increased, & hellip; & hellip; Some women, in particular, it seems more trance, they talked, laughed, a little no constrained; They wore the huge grey cloth cotton-padded clothes, forthcoming, hopping, naive, who dare say women than men!

due to yenan hot atmosphere of revolution, when the yanan women regardless of costume’s character, do have a thought like a man. Border region when the marriage is marriage between men and women aged 20 years old, male female 18 years old, but many young women do not want to because of early marriage affects work and progress.

of actor is thus rejected Huang Kegong. Moon she formerly known as dong, the name of actor, is for alizarin red dye, expressed her passion for the revolution. She said in the letter to Huang Kegong:

we still about generalized love! The survival in the eyes of the whole nation, and more than forty thousand compatriots are need our love! & hellip; & hellip; Do you love me? And you should love the masses!

was journalist Zhao Chaogou memories in the yanan January:

a woman’s flavor, weak anomaly here, there is absolutely no perm woman, nor flamboyant lovers walked arm in arm. Generally lesbians, few feminine affectation. Little difference in the clothing, and men. If exaggerated a little, said yan is probably the least sexy.

but in the back of a surface passionless, some of the young men and women are quietly made their red relationship in caves. The British woman writer han suyin was in his book and his century described the yenan youth love:

in the public to talk about is not in favor of relationship, but in a long winter warm caves is that people often talked about the topic.

worked in yanan PingJuYuan work as both Wang Yida with LuYi classmates in yenan in love and start a family. As all such recall her with Wang Yida married in yanan:

we assigned to a small cave, & hellip; & hellip; Only I brought from home to yenan quilt plate, and a small wicker box, a no. He was only a plate of northern shaanxi old sheepskin coat, and a piece of rag list doesn’t even have a quilt. & hellip; & hellip; Although I have, I still did seriously for marriage and a pillow case & ndash; & ndash; Don’t have so many cloth for a pair of pillow case. This is the only when we got married, home of the new things.

Compared to

ren, Wang Yida couple, a lot of married men and women is due to the limitation conditions, still live in collective dormitory, only can apply for to the cave was built during the weekend & other Youth hostel & throughout; Reunion. Although the yenan public office accommodation shall be free, in & other couples weekend Youth hostel & throughout; Reunion will pay cost. To sustain political department director MoWenHua wrote in his memoirs:

the house only a bed, have to bring their own bedding, also do not eat, live a five hair moneys. Every Saturday, young couple with bedding to live a night, back again the next day and returned to their respective duty.

however, even if the dew of husband and wife, also let yan many singles envy. Especially those, like Huang Kegong, walked two miles long march, the old red army man repeatedly made the meritorious military service, cadres in young adults, it is more focused on the culture of women from big cities.