Yang Jinlin: constantly looking for new career aura The era of political gossip meaningless

Yang Jinlin has been to try new things and work, leave for phoenix satellite TV, to develop new business to a new platform, to make still.

& other; Throughout the sexiest poor-man &; Yang Jinlin turned to a changed, became Hong Kong TV, vice President and executive director.

this time turned, Yang Jinlin dare not say, but full of challenge. & other; I will not live too tired? Throughout the &; He laughed to myself, then answer & other; Ok ok, don’t feel tired so far. Tao is life begins at seventy. Throughout the &;

Yang Jinlin original study history at university, school work, at the age of 35 to Hong Kong by the news. He said: & other; I do news is to record history, preparing for tomorrow’s history. Literature and history and machinery, tiger balm, forcing nasty dog to jump a wall, read history do news is not can’t, at least, I can. Throughout the &; Is not the first time in the press, Yang Jinlin also turned, by ZhiTianMingZhiNian, he from the press turned up the TV, self-mockery is & other; Again obtain employment & throughout; To phoenix TV play to heat.

in phoenix satellite TV, “to have to read every day”, “weekly review”, see China in the world, the day the greater China let Yang Jinlin famous. He said: & other; I believe it is a memorable day. Phoenix for giving me the opportunity, I also paid a hard, not to equip the there, bring out the best in each other. I think it has become history, there is nothing to be reviewed. Throughout the &;

& other; Executive director & throughout; Venture down

on May 31, 2011, Yang Jinlin left phoenix satellite TV, TV work to Hong Kong on June 1. As vice President and managing director, in his view is just a responsibility: & other; To this kind of job is not very important to me, the key is to have a platform, the platform for a paved with like-minded people together, create new ways of TV media, himself a little responsibility in the course of participating in the process of, this is the most important. Throughout the &; For months, he basically no rest day, day and night work. According to the requirement of the contract, he will take full responsibility for operation of television, but he still adopt the method of step by step, to be familiar with the situation, to form a team, the anatomy of the pros and cons, and skill.

in outer point of view, the new Hong Kong TV media is full of mystery. Yang Jinlin is introduced, the investor is a group would like to try some businessmen on cultural undertakings: & other; I think this is spread Chinese culture atmosphere off a business move. Currently the funds raised (=which generally already in place, still can do something. Throughout the &; Yang Jinlin for Hong Kong satellite positioning & other; Hong Kong TV, responsibility throughout the media &; : & other; Target audience hope is four Chinese society’s high-end crowd. I believe Hong Kong TV won’t have too much self-serious, won’t have too much looking forward to long, there will be a new media itself. Throughout the &;

at present, the red Kan Hong Kong TV’s headquarters in Hong Kong, and phoenix satellite TV’s original office address is the same. Yang Jinlin laughed: & other; That place is the place that entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial aura is good! Throughout the &; But he stressed that Hong Kong TV did not overlap with the investor of phoenix TV. Hong Kong TV in Hong Kong science park for more than 20 acres of land plan to build the headquarters, the Hong Kong SAR government is stepping up its approval. Hong Kong TV has established production bases in shenzhen, set up the correspondent in Taipei, and prepare to establish programs center in Beijing.

new officer arrived recruiting

Hong Kong TV landing in mainland China is a focus of attention of outer Yang Jinlin explanation: & other; Are trying to, of course, the premise is programs can let people want to see, if the programming quality is not very good, that also does not make sense, is the ground also has no influence to us. Throughout the &; In the face of China’s vast TV stage, for many years, overseas media Yang Jinlin think: & other; Have hit a wall, have failed, there is a success, but I hope we can succeed. Throughout the &; Yang Jinlin is introduced, the Hong Kong SAR government has approved a Hong Kong TV do network television: & other; According to the media, we hope to business. We will make full use of new media some favorable conditions, force all can. Throughout the &;

because Yang Jinlin as Hong Kong TV, media, river’s lake rumours on many big characters rush him, one of the most striking is the active in guangzhou. And each hero with the owners of the wind, have & other; Defected Yang Jinlin & throughout; The said. And his contract with phoenix TV in half a year of quiet period, therefore, half year not preside over similar programs on TV. But he said: & other; If possible, I try to open next year a new program, with everyone happy happy. Throughout the &;

that year in phoenix, Yang Jinlin often point to yourself a word: & other; A busy! Throughout the &; Is as busy as a bee now. Is the so-called & other; Business suffered more difficult & throughout; . He said: & other; Hard work life, live a little, but can’t, this is your life. Throughout the &; Many times in an interview, he talked about the aura, life. At this age letter? & other; Letter, everyone have their own life trajectory, especially after age 50, faith in life is not appointed, everyone can change yourself. Throughout the &;

give Hong Kong mandarin news more people a chance

time weekly: for you, from the press to phoenix satellite TV, satellite TV to Hong Kong, isn’t it a coincidence?

Yang Jinlin: I believe that the relationship between people, it is a coincidence. Chance only for the prepared people. Will know how to grasp the chance to, want to work hard. I am a man of more than 50 years old, nearly eight years of time, get up half past three to four a day, a day’s work, very few cases, and it is hand it should be said is consistent. To the average person to watch a good show, especially the one in garbage time, rather than a prime-time broadcast columns have their own efforts and the efforts of the team.

time weekly: how do you fell in love with Hong Kong TV this time?

Yang Jinlin: is also very smart. Hong Kong TV this platform to create just one year, such a small place one more new media, and speak mandarin, it is quite fresh. At the very least, it gives the Hong Kong mandarin news practitioners have one more chance, one more choice. Hong Kong TV want to do, can do, a lot of people have their own different interpretation and look forward to. So, I feel or another coincidence.

time weekly: it is they take the initiative to find you?

Yang Jinlin: yes, they joked & other; Sincerity & throughout; . At first is also a friend gave me the information: there is a platform, their management is willing to hold out a friendly hand to you, hope you can come over and help. At first, I am also able to shrug off, because there are too many want me over to help the media. After several contact, at least can let you feel the sincerity. Sincerity is very important, life has a lot of coincidence, the key would look at your face, and willing to meet new challenges.