Yang liping: does she have a bottomless magic She is a mountain miko

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Yang liping and her clever hands

bai Yang liping dance artists has been more than ten well-known at home and abroad jointly by phoenix TV agencies to Chinese media and the selection of & other; Influence throughout the world Chinese awards &; The nomination.

her performance was & other; Perfect & throughout; , she can easily put you into a fairyland by her knitting, no matter how much you have reason, no matter how strange you to dance, you have a feeling, as if his body in her the world; She has an abysmal magic, every move, even if is a rest, are like a breeze from a congested skim over the water, in a quiet body, has since had the voice of the small waves chasing; She dance very pure very pure, like smoke very far from reality, but it is very close to what our hearts desire. She is a real & other; Dance poet & throughout; . She is dancing in the south of cloud Yang liping.

from the mountains out of & other; Miko & throughout;

in the dance, one of the most well-known law, people are dancing youth to eat. However, Yang liping is in your own way, wrote a dance legends. Is selected from the age of 13 “target=” _blank “> in xishuangbanna state chorus, Yang liping has jumped on the stage for decades, she with fantastic hands vividly deduce the peacock proud and lonely cold beauty, she USES the lithe and graceful dance in moonlight casts the silhouette of the elves, her body with soft to get incisively and vividly described two trees RuSuRuQi love, she is in the” dynamic yunnan “the audience into the fields of the village in yunnan, and appreciate the beautiful folk customs, she let the audience in the” the sound of yunnan “in addition to look, still use to listen to feel the sound of nature birds, wind, and the physical and the joys and sorrows of life.

decades of time dancing, let Yang liping won many honors and praise: peacock princess, miko, born dancer, the spirit of dance, dance god & hellip; & hellip; These are all audience gave her a beautiful name. Ask which one she like best? A, & other; Everyone seems to have different titles. Miko, is the most suitable for me. Throughout the &; Ask again, & other; Why love alone this one? Doesn’t sound like the princess, the elves of grace. Throughout the &; Yang liping, & other; In our hometown, are used to call good at dancing miko. You don’t imagine miko too mysterious, they actually is a kind of medium, when some things can not solve, need to communicate with god miko, say, in an attempt to find a way, all of which are done through body language. Throughout the &;

indeed, Yang liping is like and dialogue. Grew up in erhai lake at the foot of the side of her life, habits, immersed in the natural world, a flower a grass a tree a worm a bird, she will carefully observe, slowly taste, feel the nature gives her inspiration and strength. Of a peer evaluation, said Yang liping’s most admirable, is her brain can talk to her body. Brain felt something, she will soon be through body transfer out, and it is not everyone can do it. Yang liping says, & other; This is not to say that high and low or good and bad, nor specialized practice to practice, just like some people are good at talking about the piano, some people are good at writing, this is just a simple ability. Throughout the &; But it is such a kind of ability, let her dance freely convey nature of heaven and earth live, she and her family for generations living on the land style, original comfortable to show up.