Yang liping haikou regular-season said died before dance at any time

Beijing, haikou, March 6 (Reuters) : Yang liping haikou & other; Throughout his &; Said & other; Died before dance at any time throughout the &;

& other; & lsquo; Stage & rsquo; (for life) is too small! Throughout the &; 6 in the afternoon, Yang liping on dozens of media and the fans smile said, although a couple of years will not jumped on the stage, & other; But died before dance at any time throughout the &; While & other I dance for the good life experience, for so many years I have been using the method of dance happily live & throughout; .

March 5 solstice 7, Yang liping rate ballet “peacock” to YeCheng performances, uncover the play after the lunar New Year in the second round of the domestic tour. Perform propaganda is conferring the page & other; Yang liping forty years precipitation stage art career stage & throughout; .

6 in the afternoon, “peacock” in haikou media event. The meeting was scheduled for 2 PM, 2 a.m. Yang liping is long overdue.

in the green dress to her, the cosmetics, canthus two red flowers mask properly to the years trace, and sat on a side the niece of bunting like sisters. Just sit down, the staff will be handed her a can of drink. Her first reaction to a palm block can hide your face and drink, and have a look at the audience their long gun, she immediately turned back face quick drink. When the organizers and sponsors to speak, she was cold. In an instant, her pursuit of perfection, show ego personality a dew.

a reporter asked, “the impression of yunnan” the rich traditional dance, and “peacock” seems to be the concept of fuzzy aboriginal dance, during with modern dance, etc. Asked how she think dance of the relationship between nationalization and modernization?

Yang liping said, “yunnan impression” is a pure, traditional dance, ancestors of all nationalities in yunnan have their beliefs as well as to the nature, observation and comprehension with the dance of life perfectly, & other; We are the first thing to do is to accept & throughout; And then, & other; I want to pass, with the unique style of self. Throughout the &;

Yang liping is yunnan Dali bai people, she accused of ethnic folk tradition is just to live is to dance. She loved to dance, not into any dance school, with a great dance talent, from villages into jumped on to the stage in 1971. In the 1980 s to solo the spirit of “sparrow”.

ballet “peacock” continues the eternity in the works of Yang liping characteristics & ndash; & ndash; Blend of nature and life and harmony, in spring, summer, autumn, winter four seasons for life cycle, endless.

hainan university a student reporter asked & other; “Peacock” impressed the audience most is what? Throughout the &; Yang liping answer, is the human, the communication between human and nature, man and heaven and earth, is a soulmate for life.

“peacock” with a variety of unique instrument copy nature of wind, tree, etc., expressed his love, hate, desire, time, fear, etc.

her niece flag in the play are & other; Time & throughout; Performers, standing on the left side of the stage from start to finish to a 1 meter above the frustum of a cone of spin, at least 3000 turns. Often make the audience feel incredible. Yang liping, laughing & other; Revealed throughout the &; The secret, & other; She has a gift for the balance since she was young, the car is not dizzy. Throughout the &;

many actors in the “peacock” is yunnan minority dance enthusiasts. Villain crow road spot performers Chen pretty river and the male peacock kagyu performers dance jump for 20 years. Yang liping says, they are the future of the yunnan ethnic dance to inherit.

“peacock” since last August in the domestic tour, to early February this year has been more than 30 cities nearly performances. Domestic tour this year have dozens of cities has signed more than hundred field. Yang liping said, “peacock” will be 2014 to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Britain and other countries and regions tour, she revealed, “peacock” do revision, then performing team and staff team to adapt to the performance of the overseas market.

& other; There are a few years, retiring from the stage is not urgent & throughout; , “she said lightly.