Yang liping mention basket around the auto show lead sensation was praised “big kill” (FIG.)

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(Yang liping popurality around auto show attracted the people watching)

(Yang liping smiles)

the famous dancer Yang liping make a basket around the auto show scene photos recently seconds kill net friend! Taken by the fans of this group of amazing pictures become absolutely in weibo & other The most forward throughout the headline & fire; .

a few days ago, Yang liping invited to the opening of the ferrari showroom in yunnan, a nation, the blue cloth of the dress of the wind, all don’t say god hand carrying the basket is becoming a focus. It is no wonder that the net friend in weibo praised: vegetable basket! Yang teacher take a basket to the scene of the ferrari, only original she just want to draw this wonderful & other; Package & throughout; , too boom (note: the network vocabulary, pull breeze)! Absolute cool, seconds kill all big!

as a famous dancer Yang liping yunnan people seldom appear on the yunnan local business activities. Late March 6, Yang liping high-profile appearance luxury brands ferrari showroom opening activities in kunming nature are amazing. She comes in at the door, hands over the big basket & other; Seconds kill & throughout; The basket is full of beautiful things in eyes. Many netizens expressed shock and praise, some netizens believe that this is Yang liping on purpose. Chengdu commercial daily reporter contacted yesterday afternoon is kunming rehearse ballet Yang liping, she had no idea of this, she told reporters, the chengdu shangbao & other; I was really careless, carry the package went directly, I think take things very convenient ah, with what be clear at a glance, more convenient than make a pack. Throughout the &;

Yang liping is apparently still don’t know their basket has become the absolute focus in the weibo, & other; Seconds kill all big? Ha ha, is it? Before I didn’t know, but there are often some photographers take my dress took posted online, weibo so fast, now I’m more overwhelmed. Throughout the &; More surprisingly, the basket is no high-grade handicraft, it is the mother of Yang liping when working in the field with the tools, absolutely original! & other; I began to carry this basket from last year, when I saw my mother in a field in sheng picked vegetables with it, like it very much, have a taste, I began to ask her, raised for more than a year, in a twinkling of an eye don’t think that have what not good, very comfortable very good-looking? Throughout the &; As for the basket full of beautiful things in eyes contain something, Yang liping, according to what have: charge, rehearsals with the whistle, wallet, the device, paper & hellip; & hellip;

Yang liping ku basket around the ferrari of pictures on weibo after exposure, caused many fans forwarding, reviews, call Yang liping aura foot enough, netizens will she and more recent actress who made contrast in the performance of the Paris fashion week, & other; In contrast, unavoidably sigh, also is to look at the show, how gap is so big? Throughout the &;