Yang liping sister, evaluation of Yang liping: their souls are infused in him at the audience is mad on the stage

Yang liping: pure and legendary

in the impetuous Chinese dance, her pride, pride, pure, and lonely; However, she also have another piece of heaven and earth, and created a free and vivid original dance. The nature, the pride of the maverick dancer has repeatedly proved that only by making regression and stick to dance the dance itself, to achievement of dancers legend

under the background of the dense virgin forest, the birds chirp, the peacock is playing in the dim light of night. Hundreds of thousands of nail root different plumage of 3 meters long skirt, with the actor’s body dancing, inching swinging.

dragon shout the CCTV Spring Festival gala, the suddenly silent here. Everyone seemed to follow the two finches, into the southern mountains, look to know each other, they fell in love.

this is Yang liping, river performance dance “love birds”. The dancer Yang liping, has been more than Pentecostal.

Spring Festival gala, with the audience immediately fault: the nature of the female peacock tail, more can’t spread. Yang liping’s response is very frankly: & other; Right! Mother peacock is not the long tail, but that is how to do? I like! I want to jump! Throughout the &;

since 1993, Yang liping in spring evening show pas DE deux “two trees”, after her several times to appear in the spring night, in & other; Song dance enough to gather together & throughout; On the stage of, become a legend.

Gao Chengming Yang liping is 30 years old friend, also is one of the birds love choreography. So many years, he said, most people never really understand Yang liping. & other; Most of the artists, to do work is all proposition composition. Depend on ideological booster survival, relying on the non-artistic factors of them are alive. Throughout the &; Yang liping, in his opinion, the root of the legendary, is she very early on, decided to purely on their own work, his artistic achievement.

& other; Dance to pure point & throughout;

in 1958, Yang liping, born in yunnan Er source, is the bai people. Parents because of song and fell in love and get married. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; To be uncovered, the leadership’s father on the farm is missing after the landlord offspring. As a family, the eldest daughter Yang liping has its responsibility to the family is small, sensitive, self-reliance, precocious and tenacity.

her initial impression of life is that at the age of four, home grown pumpkins were confiscated, hungry, no food, a mess.

again big point, the cultural revolution, when she saw the students actually can call teacher, dare to play teacher and to be proud of, think again. She began to feel pessimistic about human nature, & other; Who is the ugly animals throughout the &; . She didn’t want to be a part of it, so more like dancing, & other; Dance to pure point & throughout; .

dance is part of the bai people live, without anyone to teach, and their mouths is song, dance step is. & other; This kind of thing can only be understood. Because, just dance. Throughout the &; Yang liping’s grandmother is dancing in the village, more than 80 years old, back is bent, also in the jump.

in 1971, Yang liping 13 years old. School LingCao on the table, on the farm by xishuangbanna chorus comes, changed the destiny.

it is one of the duties of song and dance to the countryside to spread & other; Revolutionary culture & throughout; , but teenagers no transmission capacity, it is a dance with the people in the stockade. Yang liping began seven years of tour visit in life.

the life dance that she had got into the habit of watch everywhere. Yang liping, near the house in bloom sunflowers everywhere, she always think sunflower is temperament of most plants, & other; Toward a bright and beautiful movement throughout the &; . Later in her dancing, many turned to action, is imitate the sunflower as the sun.

every time the village visit for three months, the actors with the villagers eat to live, to help the villagers’ crops during the day, evening performance. The village for a period of time, then go to the next village. This period, Yang liping has seen many peoples, and learning a lot of dance, dance people body, bold and unrestrained, her blood boiling.

the most beautiful is the peacock. Xishuangbanna green peacock, peacock blue than common size is small, but more JiaoLi, flocks of fly overhead, the tail, to radiate the light from the tail a little rattled. Yang liping said, let her most dazzling is the peacock when mating, a large group of peacock in the lotus pond, slowly spread its tail, screaming like a roar. & other; Human never like the peacock beautiful moments, that’s wonderful & throughout; .

in the village, Yang liping is often hide to see in banyan tree after peacock walking, observing how they walk, shaking shoulders, & other; They are born dancer & throughout; . Especially the peacock when the laying of the foot is very powerful, scrape, like on a brazier. Yang liping couldn’t help it, said, suddenly, she changed more than 50 years old.