Yang liping to swim suzhou by ku “laden” eat bitter melon to stay slim

on March 16, Yang liping hand carry & other; Throughout the popurality &; Participated in the activities to suzhou. Li Kexiang taken

on March 16, Yang liping parsing her & other; Throughout the popurality &; With the “peacock”. Li Kexiang taken

famous dance artist Yang liping hand carry & other; Throughout the popurality &; , inadvertently fame as than her soul dancing “peacock”. On March 16, Yang liping hand carry & other; Throughout the popurality &; Come, and at the same time analyzes the & other; Throughout the popurality &; And the story behind the “peacock”.

on the same day, dressed in a green double-breasted unlined upper garment, mop the floor bright red Yang liping came to suzhou moat side of a divided skirt, for the performing arts center in suzhou gold coast show stage the opening ceremony. Her & other; Throughout the popurality &; Once again become the focus of audiences and media flash. Yang liping very cool said, has been in the last year, feel very & other Comfortable & throughout; And very & other; Use & throughout; .

ten days ago, Yang liping hand carry & other; Throughout the popurality &; After took part in a activity, the bamboo weaving & other; Throughout the popurality &; Become the across & other; Local & throughout; With & other; Fashion & throughout; Two large sectors of the markers.

lens in front of many media, Yang liping in suzhou and the popurality of full of beautiful things in all kinds of goods on display. She said, when I was a child to pick vegetables when I was in the basket, back when he is brother and sister in another kind of baskets. Because habits at an early age, so find it most convenient.

she laughs, she not participate in the activity to produce the popurality, has also been used at ordinary times. Recently some concern, it didn’t stand out.

as a dance artist, Yang liping is obviously more willing to talk about her dancing “peacock”. Since last August, she says, the rehearsal of “peacock” will debut this year, this is her decades of accumulated a, want to reflect the life, natural, beautiful, such as theme, focused on the people who want to experience & other; Physical & throughout; , such as the fear of life, death, rebirth and reincarnation elements inside, this year’s spring evening just performance & other Love & throughout; Part.

in his 50 s Yang liping is still active in stage, and with amazing body and dance the dumping of the world, but the stage is obviously not possible for a long time. Yang liping said, as a dancer, stage is limited, the transience of life body destined for aging and dying. Stage is a stage in life career, she will continue to do the work of director, behind the scenes, make everyone happy work.

Yang liping built a & other; Not old myths & throughout; , which is dependent on the exercise and healthy eating. She said, clear lung often eat balsam pear, compendium of materia medica is her & other; Dietary guidelines & throughout; .

as we have learned, Yang liping is yunnan Dali bai people. In 1971, 13, from her village into the troupe, xishuangbanna. In 1986 she performed solo “spirit of sparrow”, shot to fame. She dance style, the most daring and successful in her will dance originally dynamic art form into a static, but her dance style and mostly comes from nature and real life.