Yang yu ying: “I am a selfish citizens” and “I am responsible for relaxed sweet”

Yang yu ying

on August 11, 12, 2012, guangdong pop music 35 anniversary series activities of the classic “big concert to be held in guangzhou international sports center for performing arts, in the ninety s of the star hair rather, Chen Ming, GanPing qi qi & other; Throughout & back; , this is one of the most dramatic comeback again a mainland first herself said the Yang yu ying, seldom accept surface mining Yang yu ying in her post hotel accepted the exclusive long visit times weekly.

in mei red strapless dress wearing the cap rose Yang yu ying appearance was countless photographers around, she was the only person there is still a fan of the scene, her fans were not young, but still like high school students shouted excitedly & other Yang yu ying, I love you & throughout; & ndash; At this moment, from her debut in 1990, was already in the past 22 years.

22 years, red cherry, green banana, the circle of the personnel of several new, but Yang yu ying is still always herself, blow play have broken skin, eyebrows canthus more add a amorous feelings, show I freely asked Yang yu ying fan beside me, & other; Why love her? Throughout the &; Short hair girls stopped working to send weibo, staring at the replied: I don’t hate iron to produce & other; Don’t you think she is very beautiful! Throughout the &;

a early to bed and early to rise turtle

of course I know she is very beautiful, high school in the 1990 s, when she wears a straw hat suspenders skirt jiao qiao to hummed & other; Let me tell you gently, stars in the sky have a few & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Then has been the dream of all Chinese men, but who also didn’t think she can reverse to grow like this, & other; I am that kind of early to bed and early to rise of a natural person, so there is no too big changes. Throughout the &; Wearing white casual wear black and white wave point scarf Yang yu ying in a soft voice answered the conventional problems, like most of the female star, she abnormal concerned about its image, keep on postponing time to interview, the reason is not ready yet, as soon as they met pat face distressly said: & other; Good eyes swollen today & throughout; , to be honest, I don’t completely could not look her eyes swollen swollen, I even can’t fully see did her make-up, & other; Made up of course, myself. Throughout the &; She jokingly JiaoChen, his & other; May be normal for my makeup technology very good throughout the &; . At this point she like brigitte Lin, dressed for an hour is to look without makeup.

maintenance tips have secrets about her circulated for years, & other; Good attitude & throughout; & other; Twenty minutes before meditation & throughout; & other; Two days detox single & throughout; Already widespread, & other; You eat every day, a turtle legend? Throughout the &; And her face with disdain & other; How is it possible that the behavior of fools. You can write so, Yang yu ying is a turtle every day to eat, but the turtle was early to bed and early to rise throughout the &; . Early to bed and early to rise is true, most of her old friends drinking last night until three o ‘clock in the morning about the past, but she just quietly flash CARDS to get ten minutes, 7 o ‘clock in the morning have been tweeting, like all people are accustomed to Yang yu ying care about their beauty, all people are accustomed to her away from and leave early. & other; They all know me, I am a very regular life, very simple people, you think I graduated from nanchang normal, troupe in spent a year in guangzhou, and then signed a new era of famous before running a son in the outside, with injustice, all of them are good to me. Throughout the &;

from rural areas to encircle the cities

good throat, long beautiful, talented, have use small xylophone knock out five movies episode, at an early age for sing the embroidered gold medal was won the first prize in the national children’s performance, by the governor, in her arms as a phase & other; Is wei & throughout; , life is to guangzhou by plane for the first time looking for the teacher, as she got off the plane got into a taxi, & other; There is a strange and sticky hot stuff, I package sit inside the car is very afflictive, want to vomit, then hear the radio came in on such a few words, & throughout; She with the voice of skilled cantonese repeat if smell & other; Degree of guangzhou line station. Throughout the &; She did not think of, her singing is from here to the whole of China in the future.

& other; Before very uneasy, my ideal is to do the kindergarten teacher at the time, but my mother think I should go this way, when I was a child she often education I want to tell others my ideal is to become a literary and art workers. Throughout the &; She repeated this era characteristic extremely the five words & other; Wen – art – work – a -, ha ha, I think this a few word that’s nice. Throughout the &; As is known to all, such as mother, Yang Yang yu ying not only became an excellent literary and art workers has become the mainland’s first herself, her sweet appearance and songs to comfort the age in life hard earn busy people, it is said that she had been rated as top ten farmers favorite singer, the deep port on the long distance bus song are almost all her, & other; The teacher gave my positioning is sing sweet songs. That time I was small, people are very good, think of the teacher to arrange his own truth, the teacher told me to encircle the cities from the countryside. Throughout the &;

& other; Do not mind your song walk on the path of the field? Throughout the &;

smile: & other; Oh, don’t mind too much. I sing only mind is his singing is not good enough. Throughout the &;

she signed in 1991, guangzhou new era to become the first generation of mainland signing singer, in 1992 the wind, water with a smile, “crazy pin millions, martial arts, countless times China MTV music television contest gold prize countless countless times sales champion and hair rather known as Jennifer, & other; Red, red to you see her, cigarette lighter to burn you, you don’t feel pain. Throughout the &; One had heard her concert’s literary young men recalled, sister said, only gently on the stage, Yang & other; Take out your little lamp lights & throughout; , all spaced locations, lit their lighter in the dark stars really spectacular, & other; Do you know the lighter to burn for a long time is very hot. Throughout the &;

she is the darling of that era, she is the star of The Times.