Yangzhou after sui and tang dynasties were as emperor yangdi shaw Remains of women is 1.5 meters in height (FIG.)

high altitude panoramic graveyard. Xinhua hair

within one grave tomb excavated archaeological personnel. Xinhua hair

no. 1 tomb unearthed DieXie gold belt. Xinhua hair

on November 16, the Chinese archaeology in yangzhou, jiangsu province held a press conference, announced by the archaeological team, determine the yangzhou Cao Zhuang sui and tang dynasties tomb to tomb, was finally after emperor yangdi Yang Guang and xiao burial-place. The Chinese archaeology Huang Jing slightly, Xu Guangyi, Wang Wei 10 top experts attended the symposium.

in March, in yangzhou town village Cao Zhuang Stuart found in a real estate project two brick tomb chamber, archaeological institute of yangzhou city to declare a license to archaeological excavations, search and archaeological excavations. In mid-april, yangzhou Cao Zhuang sui and tang dynasties burial tomb unearthed a number one close the epitaph, chi with & other; Along with the reason yang-ti epitaph & throughout; Such as text. Administration bureau of administration of cultural heritage and immediately to the yangzhou city people’s government of yangzhou, jiangsu province, reported on state administration of cultural heritage, according to the state administration of cultural heritage approved document spirit, by the archaeological institute of museum and yangzhou, suzhou institute of archaeology of the joint team, according to the mausoleum of hadrian required by archaeological and cultural relics protection scheme, continue to conduct archaeological excavations.