Yi zhongtian: is a 3700 – year history of the Chinese nation 3700 years civilization can’t speak

are the history of

10 o ‘clock in the morning yesterday 39 points, scholars are released in sina blog posts, announced that in five to six years, at the rate of two roll each quarter writing 36 volumes are the Chinese history, on May 16, the first volume of the book “the ancestors”, the second volume “country” will start in Beijing (zhejiang literature and art publishing house, Beijing publishing house). Yi zhongtian told the Beijing news reporter, & other; In the forthcoming two volumes, I have a lot of new conclusions and claim. Throughout the &;

The purpose of

use global vision to see the Chinese civilization

revealing his rewrite yi zhongtian & other; Throughout Chinese history &; In the first place. In the face of their own, he thought, history, & other Not only do we not, nor the participants, not even on the sidelines and overlook. So we don’t know who you are, and where to, where to go. It’s hard to clear answer, what is & lsquo; The root & rsquo; What is & lsquo; The Chinese dream & rsquo; What is & lsquo; The soul & rsquo; . What kind of person, have what kind of books; What kind of books, also can have what kind of person. Have to rewrite the history of the Chinese, therefore, also must fundamentally change the way of thinking and way of expression. Throughout the &;

yi zhongtian, according to the purpose of writing this book has three, & other; The first purpose, to see the world civilization of the Chinese civilization. I this book out of the ordinary place, is the international background and global view; Second, emphasize the common values of the Chinese civilization; Third, find the positions of the Chinese civilization in the future. And other general history is not the same, I don’t pursue comprehensive, put the key to clear. Throughout the &;

methodology from the history, the history “mandarin” unreliable

after yi zhongtian and scholars debate moves to the autumn wind, the autumn wind also published several books, a new interpretation of traditional Chinese culture. To this, yi zhongtian emphasize oneself and the autumn wind is different, & other; I think that he is the first impressions are most lasting, had the conclusion first, then go to material support. His conclusion is that the ancient Chinese have republican, democratic and constitutional government, and then, he can prove this point of view of materials used, the material can’t prove he doesn’t have to. You’re welcome, this is not rigorous doing scholarly research. Throughout the &;

yi zhongtian, & other; I like the autumn wind really don’t. I’m honestly the history first what to describe them in advance, then how much is how much, not as the history of theory of generations. But, you also want to have your own opinion. So I mentioned, the Chinese civilization is one of the very unique civilization, but there is no republican, democratic and constitutional government in ancient China. And I think, in the Chinese civilization, the han nationality is no faith. This is the conclusion based on a lot of material, I is based on a lot of cultural relics, letters and documents. Cultural relics, text, and conflict does not take the literature, literature can use I use unearthed cultural relics unearthed cultural relics, because of cultural relics won’t lie. Later generations to change, and literature changed to believe. “History”, “national language” is not to believe, the “book of songs” zuozhuan, more reliable, shiji inside there are unreliable. Throughout the &;

the answer itself is a mystery, to finally have a conclusion

yi zhongtian, & other; China itself is a mystery. Without this civilization duration longer than the first. Pioneer in Egypt and Mesopotamia, Crete, hala, peer olmec successively dead, even while Greece, Rome, Persia, Byzantine, the mayan also have exits. Only the Chinese civilization, from erlitou site, three thousand seven hundred don’t interrupt. Even if the target in the central plains, is also established & lsquo; The Chinese empire & rsquo; , identity is & lsquo; The Chinese culture & rsquo; . Unlike India, diverse changeable multi-racial, never form a unified and lasting & lsquo; The Indus civilization & rsquo; . Eventually even their birthplace of the Indus valley, also became the influence of Islam. Outstanding tenet’s is the Chinese civilization. Strange, why only our nation, not only can build, has long maintained a large circle of civilization? Why here, na, xiong, north DE, the huns, turkic, xianbei, nuzhen, time and again committed to numerous, manjin hill and water, but every time is the water blunt correlation, five random China in the end all over the world? Why such a powerful civilization, under the sharp attack of western only parry work? In the coming days, it can also hold up again, shocked the world, influence the world? Throughout the &;

for these problems, yi zhongtian told the Beijing news reporter, & other; I’m still not sure I can answer all these questions, 36 volume don’t walk the is out of this answer, I’m still writing the fourth volume. I was just on the hand, there is a world outlook and methodology of GPS can only go after this round of the scenery, can be summed up an answer & ndash; & ndash; Also may not give the answer. However, periodic conclusion will still be some. For example, what is the foundation of Chinese civilization, I will be in the third volume answer. Throughout the &;