Yi zhongtian one father heritage: three brothers giving students round the father wishes

yi zhongtian interact with students at zhongnan university of economics and quiz. Xu Zhi hold taken

9, Yi Ting source professor yi zhongtian to complete three brothers father’s wishes, gathered in at zhongnan university of economics and law, in the school student accounting institute donated 120000 yuan. Has previously announced & other indefinitely; Vacation style treatment & throughout; Yi zhongtian, even in his father’s Alma mater, also no longer do public speaking, just in a meeting room with hundreds of students to do more than half an hour the question-and-answer interaction.

on August 19, 2011, famous Yi Ting source, professor of accounting at died in han. The eldest son yi zhongtian in the eulogy of pain don’t father said: & other; We had a family meeting. Three sons, three daughter-in-law, three grandchildren agreed that his father’s legacy, we’d, all will be used to complete, including publishing monographs, funding outstanding student many wishes. Throughout the &;

in 2008, the 90th birthday Yi Ting sources, obtained the consent of the yi zhongtian couple, donated 100000 yuan to life to set up Yi Ting source at zhongnan university of economics and scholarship. Yesterday, yi zhongtian, easy victory, easy to work in the city to donate 120000 dollar student, three brothers also donate all the books out of the father.

yi zhongtian used good son, good husband, good brothers, good father, a good teacher to evaluate & other; Have achieved & throughout; Father Yi Ting source. Professor at zhongnan university of economics and accounting, dean of the school of long-ping zhang, according to professor Yi Ting source has been very care about students, save all have taught students register.

have students ask: & other; As accounting, children, how are you high achievements in literature? Throughout the &; Funny yi zhongtian smile to answer: & other; Genetic this matter, I really can’t answer. Throughout the &;

easy home, three brothers eldest brother became & other; Academic male & throughout; ; Middle business, now a real estate company, vice chairman of the board of directors; Old politics, now is a director. Have students ask: & other; Your choice of three brothers related to family education? Throughout the &; Yi zhongtian a. & other; This is god’s dice throw out, don’t have any plans. My father’s a big regret is that there is no daughter, god did not give. Throughout the &;

yi zhongtian said: & other; Recently when I went to visit old headmaster liu of wuhan university, liu said to me, to do & lsquo; Frogman & rsquo; , don’t be & lsquo; Air & rsquo; To dive down and scholarship. I want to listen to what the old headmaster. Throughout the &; The reporter asked what to do & other; Frogman & throughout; , he said: & other; Is to stay in the study, don’t go anywhere, across cultural festival never pay tribute. Throughout the &; However, yi zhongtian also revealed that he will still have a book, promised before the & other; Will deliver & throughout; .