Yi zhongtian said write “epic” : in the detective method of nuwa is a big frog

just finished watching “yi zhongtian Chinese history” volume one and volume two of we found that this is indeed a maverick & other; Easy type & throughout; Behind the Chinese history, the paper sending out the unruly passion, just like yi zhongtian said & other; Could not write a reigned han follwed, may not Liu Che, even cut zhou ji fa also is only a blur. Throughout the &; Here general history books will be mentioned, yi zhongtian, really is not, and some in other book & other; Isn’t worth mentioning & throughout; The characters he determined to part and cushioning.

in addition, the two books, thin line spacing is much bigger than imagined, only 560 thousand word, every book is not more than 200 pages. Estimates from the back and forth to Beijing by a plane, can chew off two, is a set of soap series. Why not choose 36 volumes out of every roll out again? This is probably another set & other; Easy type hunger throughout surgery &; .

writing and marketing methods, yi zhongtian and Mr. Lu has a really.

the wording, yi zhongtian use & other; Epic & throughout; A word of his writing, he says, & other; My goal is to write a good read easily, fascinating, spectacular, the epic of the grand. Who do not meet this standard, full rewrite, until satisfied. Throughout the &; So, light first total order, yi zhongtian is

wrote a draft, MeiGao 5 times, instead is for 35. Now that is a serious epic, how easy to read? The two are not contradictory, in yi zhongtian’s view, at least not hinder when he wrote in the perspective of globalization of modern history, use alone door & other Easy type & throughout; Tips. Read “ancestors” and “country”, you see, everywhere & other; To testify or commit crime & throughout; , & other Unspoken hidden & throughout; , & other In the case of laaikus & throughout; , & other Point of view, it is necessary to spread throughout the witness to testify &; , & other Can’t find the reason, that can only see crime motive & throughout; Etc usually will only appear in reasoning detective novels. Keep reading, but the body not boost adrenaline, a follow yi zhongtian entered the taste of real historical investigation on site, was exciting. Who am I? Where to come, and where to go? The truth is not enough, he have to draw the reader why this period of history. Obviously, however, this kind of suspense interpretation method is much more interesting than usual preaching of both. Upon opening, for example, he first gave & other; Cut & throughout; The next knife, throw a & other; Mystery mystery & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Nuwa not familiar & other; People first snake & throughout; But a big frog.

& other; Detective with the view of history, written book is good. Throughout the &; An interview call yi zhongtian, probably accept media each very frequently these days, he is very short answers to many questions. Only mentioned & other; Detective novels & throughout; And the other end to the spirit. He said from middle school when I was obsessed detective books, attend graduate school was the case in the school library mystery novels are all broken up. In previous “lecture room”, yi zhongtian is & other; Detective novel way of explaining history & throughout; He will lecture hall into a simulation of the scene. Actually, reading yi zhongtian previous works, it’s not hard to find his super talent of reasoning, such as “read cities”, he only from a small teahouse can infer the residents around the personality.

as for the marketing, Mr. Lu so leisurely see two volumes, confident that he finished eight years, is wanted us to chase the TV drama way to chase to see yi zhongtian & other; Throughout Chinese history &; !!!! Hope he don’t like the TV show, what to winter, summer break!

K: I heard you rest of the way is to read detective stories?

Y: that’s right! I like conan & middot; Doyle’s holmes, also like Agatha & middot; Christie, now the most like Jeffrey & middot; Deaver, including “stone monkey”, “the beast garden”. I writing now, I will learn from his deaver called & other; Walk grid & throughout; , deaver told the detectives in requirements can be found at the scene of the crime he first go grid, the scene circle, murder is in this place, the four walls in mind as a grid, a grid, a grid can’t miss something. If just here to find that there look for, is likely to be the important evidence to miss.

K: why did you say to the detective’s view of history, write a book is good-looking?

Y: because everyone is intelligent, but our intelligence and IQ by China education and desires about, so you must use this state to write, absolutely can’t be a textbook, instilling the let you go back, back to test, forget to take an examination of the later. Such education can no longer go on. I hope that through reading this book can let you become the & other; Question & throughout; Are interested in, that is, with four kinds of abilities, found the problem, put forward problems, analyzing problems, the ability to solve the problem. In addition to clear up our destiny and choice in 3700 years, I hope to have a by-product to exercise the ability. So I will choose when tired to read detective novels, new star press library at midnight, every time a new book will be to send me to come over.

K: myth and legend, there is usually no historical records, how do you ensure that reasoning from the history of the conclusion is correct?

Y: if the rewrite history as & other; Ice-breaking & throughout; , navigator has three: intuition, logic, and evidence. Intuition is required, it will tell us where is wrong, what went wrong, or there is a problem need to study. This ability comes from talent, also comes from experience. In 1988, for example, I have read the multiculturalism of reproduction worship and Mr He has decided that there’s no way & other nuwa The snake sister & throughout; , can only be & other; The goddess of frog & throughout; . It can be proved by logical reasoning and logic determines all cultural phenomena and cultural mode of the sequence. Logic is more important than knowledge and experience, but also is more reliable than the academic authority. Because the logic is, will not give power, in order to, meet the academic, to please the media. If intuition is consistent with the logic, the conclusion is not far off the mark.

K: in addition to intuition and logic, is there any evidence to support?

Y: yes! There are three kinds of evidence. The first is a republic of China since the older generation historian’s research. The old man often studies, both of the late qing dynasty background, modern western eyes, many conclusions are reliable, for example, I write part of the western zhou dynasty, read two books, one is “the history of the western zhou dynasty,” Mr Yang Kuan one is Mr Cho-yun hsu’s “history of the western zhou dynasty”, they are all ones. The second is more reliable historical works, such as the analects of Confucius, zuozhuan, the book of songs is reliable, the mandarin is unreliable, part of the history is also unreliable, this is common sense, you go to check as the example. The third is the most reliable, the unearthed relics and ancient. Because the oracle and jinwen, painted pottery and bronze ware, don’t lie, no additives. Therefore, if the first two conflicts with the third kind of evidence, the unearthed cultural relics and ancient shall prevail.

K: should be finished within 5 to 8 years, 3700 years of history, sounds a bit scary, can reveal your work status?

Y: didn’t you think so. I a book just 60000 words, a year out six volumes, has 360000 words, on average only 700 words a day. The update and network novel writers day tens of thousands of words. Now I’m hiding from a jiangnan to write a book in a small town, but sorry I can’t reveal place name, or you don’t call the seclusion. In addition to writing, every month to go to Beijing to participate in a “talk” program recording. That’s it, open to see detective novels.

K: some people say that you write like a documentary film script, you and the producers of real ambition is to launch a large-scale documentary with Mr. Lu?

Y: I this series of writing is similar to the United States of the documentary. “our story: the United States.” However, I just want to bring the reader back in history as it were, to the scene, who said to write a book will not be able to write the film lens flu?

K: the southern song dynasty moved the capital to Lin, you write on, will not to write the history of hangzhou southern song dynasty period?

Y: haven’t consider this step yet, I am writing a to a. You have to wait until at least two to three years, that is to say, two years later, I will come to hangzhou readers to solve this problem.

K: city express Y: yi zhongtian

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