Yinchuan bus-stop fine now buy advertising 1 ml of sperm, 50000 yuan (FIG.)

such small advertising platform in the part of the bus.

the woman has been texting urged reporters the remittance.

the ancient bury your father is a land of filial piety, but now have buying and selling of the sperm. Recently, appear on the part of the bus stop in yinchuan of high-priced acquisition of sperm and egg advertised, & other; 1 ml of the sperm of 50000 yuan, buy a 200000 yuan to 300000 yuan, the egg to buy a 300000 yuan & throughout; .

see this acquisition for advertising, you don’t move the heart first, because of the “management method of human sperm bank” at the national institutes of health have specific provision, without approval, no unit or individual may engage in the activity of sperm collection and provide.

a reporter with the small ads released after the telephone contact, conducted an on-the-spot investigations, found that the high price buyer, just to let you pay 320 yuan fee, temporary so-called high price to buy just a hoax.

bus stop near buy pure advertising

in the afternoon of June 17, citizens Chen in zhongshan north street faith market bus stop waiting for the bus, found a small advertising. Close to a look, white — on a small advertising & other; The hospital to buy sperm and semen. 1 ml of 50000 yuan, 200000 yuan to 300000 yuan at a time. Buy the eggs, painless take eggs, 300000 yuan at a time. All cash payments, contact phone number 1470959 * * * *. Throughout the &;

heard of sperm donors, high-priced acquisition of sperm and egg is the first time I heard, out of curiosity, Mr. Chen will this picture taken down, and sent to reporters. This thing on? In order to confirm this, the reporter called the small advertising belong to yinchuan contact phone number.

in a foreign accent, speak fluent woman answer the phone. The woman who claimed to be actualization of maternity and child health care doctors, acquisition of sperm and egg because & other; Now have patients to do artificial insemination procedure of semen & throughout; . She said: & other; Would you like to maternity and child care, semen collection 1 ml of 50000 yuan. Throughout the &;

according to the woman, not every man’s sperm or eggs can be acquired, two conditions must be met. & other; Go through the consent of the patients, because people buy sperm is used to pass; For health and medical examination. Throughout the &;

the woman said, selling fine do not need to provide any identification, also do not need to bear any responsibility. & other; Patients and sell sperm will conclude a contract for the voluntary donation, and both sides must be kept secret, after donation is no relations between us. Throughout the &;

later, the woman emphasizes for donors need to pay 320 yuan fee, temporary medical examination, after before the signing of the contract, pay a deposit of 100000 yuan. & other; Sell essence can always go to the hospital, after the call. Throughout the &;

sell essence must first remit money to do a medical

50 points, 1 PM, June 18 (reporter dialed the telephone contact small advertising again. The woman said to meet patients first, and then asked reporters to yinchuan maternity and child care outpatient hall call again after contact.

2 8 points, the reporter comes to yinchuan maternity and child care outpatient service hall, the woman asked the reporters after wearing, said meet will be coming in five minutes. But the reporter within the agreed time, did not see the woman.

then called the woman’s reporter once again, & other; Did you just see patients? But not to talk with you in patients seen you for a long time, your various conditions are pretty good, means that you can use your semen. Throughout the &; The woman said, check-up location in yinchuan maternity and child care, but the fee have to agricultural bank. The woman also said that after the fee, the hospital will arrange physical examination.

& other; Medical examination fee paid by the patients, temporary check-up unqualified will be paid by himself. Throughout the &; In reporter questioned why not to money, the woman explained that this is the dean of the regulation, after going to the bank to pay the money, immediately arrange nurses directly by means of internal registered medical examination, do not need to queue, can save a lot of trouble.