Yong-ming zhai: if do not write poetry I will live better

she said & other; If do not write poetry, I might have to live better, or the life have no joy of life. I’ll never know the answer, because like frost poem wrote: road diverged in a wood, I took to the one of them. So I never know that the path to where. Throughout the &;

spring, yong-ming zhai in her white night bar for her plain songs 14 held the readings. Now in summer, she came to Beijing to with these poems. But I can’t reduce the reader’s enthusiasm.

one way street library on the second floor, filled the readers to listen. The salon in the deep zone, end see yong-ming zhai & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; The chengdu night dyed a poet. Her flashing forging from Chinese poetry bright like her. Can only say that she chose to poetry, or, is chose her poetry.

this time, yong-ming zhai plainsong considerations is the mother.

female poets and the relationship between the mother, has been intriguing. But often female writer and poetess of description, criticism than praise and love. Like zhang ailing, such as paper again.

yong-ming zhai plainsong is used to write a mother and daughter facies series, looking for a more common feelings, women seeking from the mother’s body and spirit. Not only time, to her as a daughter, a deeper understanding of the mother, yong-ming zhai’s understanding of the mother, not only from & other; Daughter & throughout; This identity, but a woman of another woman’s point of view.

she repeatedly talked about men and women’s emotion in the plainsong. & other; Our future is what kind of man?/what kind of man that we wait until dying? What kind of man//and when we lose when we get the same grief?/what kind of man/partner with our sleep and death? Throughout the &;

here, & other; Mother & throughout; For a poet, not just a life and raise the blood of meaning, also represents a more general and the wider community.

the end of the activity, there are readers let yong-ming zhai choose a poem sign in the cover page. Wrote: yong-ming zhai & other; Leave/waiting for a man’s heart like a knife sheath & throughout; .

& other; This? Throughout the &; Finish, yong-ming zhai freely concern 1.

it sounds more like a long poem. Like a song.