Yongle mystery: why editor XieJin froze to death after being drunk?

this book Yan Chong years with great concentration for 30 years, the same program is broadcast CCTV lecture room. Since the Ming dynasty moved the capital Beijing, span 600 years history, with new & other; Big & throughout; Concept, open the denotation of the imperial palace, for the first time, the old Summer Palace, the summer resort, shenyang imperial palace, the Palace Museum, the museum, etc., into the palace because of, as, thorough analysis in one thousand of a feudal royal family, mechanism, social humanities, cultural origin, architecture, and architecture, cultural relics, folk, etc., is a vivid and readable, intriguing & other; The imperial palace encyclopedia & throughout; Type works.

[review of the previous period]

chances, if lucky enough to be & other; Points throughout the academician &; , also will strive for speaks ren shi, shi read, after the feast officer, etc., so the possibility of to be noticed by the emperor is the largest.


yongle is yongle emperor ordered the compilation of a books on an unprecedented scale. & other; Books & throughout; In many books, is to the content of the break up, according to different content, classified codification, again according to the word rhyme and rearrange, easy to access.

the first year of yongle, Ming emperor to academician shi read bachelor XieJin issued the calligraphy edict, etc. Yongle edits a requirement is two words: & other; Throughout all &; With & other; Throughout the &; , collection is complete, the use of more convenient. XieJin clearly didn’t understand this & other; Throughout all &; Words. He organized more than one hundred newsroom, it only took more than a year, making a literature dacheng, zhu di to a job. Zhu di, don’t think the book is not complete, so send Yao Guangxiao etc. Responsible for total, took let does not collect all over the country and made people, & other; Opening Yu Wenyuan pavilion, lu light temple to morning evening meals & throughout; .

in ponder on the meaning, Yao Guangxiao XieJin superior obviously. He extended the editing team from more than 100 to 2169, the company personnel more amounted to more than 3000 people. A closed book to five year of yongle, QiBaQian species, a total of 22937 volumes, 11095 copies, more than 370 million words, before the yongle emperor. Yongle emperor yongle, name for the new book and sequence. After the yongle, wenyuan chamber collection in nanjing.


yongle took the opening, always responsible for XieJin career reached its peak. XieJin 19 on the jinshi, the academician, Ming emperor to XieJin & other; What see careful, often before shi emperor & throughout; . Zhu yuanzhang than XieJin four more than ten years old, one day he said to XieJin & other; Me with, meaning is this, father and son of judah, when to know everything. Throughout the &; Mean I with you, although is manner, but as a father and son, you have something to want to know everything!

this netting composition in the majority, but XieJinTai young, lack of talent, but when the truth, to zhu yuanzhang on the same day with a word book.

this letter word book, to choose and employ persons, forms, such as state, small to the emperor what to read a book, XieJinQuan criticism, especially serious zhu yuanzhang excessive executions and misgovernment are pointed out. Play book, zhu yuanzhang other didn’t say, only praised his talent. XieJin didn’t understand the real heart, zhu yuanzhang again on the peaceful ten “. Zhu yuanzhang continue to ignore. Once, XieJin to ministry of war for the officers, more disrespectful, the defendant to court. Zhu yuanzhang immediately make XieJinGai empire. Later XieJin bearing’s father, zhu yuanzhang said to him, & other; Was a late bloomer, if to the child, beneficial to into learning, after ten years, use not too late! Throughout the &; So politely drove XieJin off, don’t angry, not relegated official, didn’t also killed first. XieJin eight years in the countryside, zhu yuanzhang from illness. He xi, mourners left their villages was disintegrated mother mourning not buried, fall to gansu to be officials. Luckily someone to intercede, he was only to the king, made a low-level officials from do.

zhu di after the coup, his officials most of scholars. XieJin think it is time to try a promotion, so take the initiative to greet the new prince, wish for the new emperor two-party system. Yongle emperor at the time of the isolated, views the cabled peach to send lee, abnormality to credit, let him into the straight wenyuan chamber, to participate in the flight. Just two years, XieJin along the spring breeze, climbing, explain the strong.

Zhu Diceng said to XieJin etc, & other; At the beginning of shen yi, protect the end hard, let ‘. Throughout the &; Alas XieJin emperor did not understand this & other; Shen & throughout; Words. He young toward, brilliant, incisive, outspoken, surroundings with defining, recruit to envy. Zhu Dili store, in the office become Paramount and hesitation, between the second Gao Xu inquiries XieJin, cabled argued that become Paramount, later hung shing. So coveted XieJin is anathema to han Wang Gaoxu reservoir.

in the five year of yongle into yongle, XieJin are due to fall outside the draws. Before he left, and others, to report his whining, so he sent to guangdong southwest, away from political center. Eight year of yongle, XieJin into Beijing to play, go to the prince, by the way. Zhu di classifiers in northern Mongolia, Zhu Gaoxu said: & other; The cabled bar on the bias prince. Throughout the &; Zhu di, after listening to XieJin was in prison, and torture, huge proportions. It is five years.

the thirteenth year of yongle, zhu di review list of prisoners, see XieJin name, told a security leader JiGang & other; The cabled in? Throughout the &; This sentence can have two kinds of understanding: it is he’s alive, intends to kill XieJin; 2 it is to read his live, intends to use XieJin. JiGang understood as the former, in the cold winter night, the XieJin drunk, buried in the snow and freeze to death alive: a generation of talent, 47 years old, tragedy curtain call, ponder.

the integration of ancient and modern books out mainly by compiling, from kangxi for forty years, to print 64 four years of yongzheng, lasted for a quarter of a century. The book & other; Throughout this ancient, join the history of astronomy geography is seal; Down to the mountains and vegetation, crafts manufacturing, hercynian arcane, no unprepared, the observatory of classics & throughout; .

out, fujian hou officer (now in fuzhou). Kangxi nine years, just 20 years old out of jinshi, after some academician. Dream Raytheon manchu script, bright future saw from afar, an unexpected misfortune: twelve years kangxi, dream ray send mother home, a SAN geng in jingzhong rebellion. Although he hide in the temple, but geng’s direction in one hand and hand ZhiBai blade, stress Chen Fu for out of his whereabouts. Out hard not transcription, imprisoned, after release, cut into the temple.

later geng jingzhong stubbornly to his officer grant, out without getting rid of, can’t plead illness. Out not cooperative attitude, not only for jail, and let the whole family into poverty, the eldest son and even died for no milk. Tohave dream ray does not change his will, look for opportunities. Jinshi Chen Meng exactly the same year, with the official redaction, as the min chian is also home to visit, and Chen. Out according to the statement, he geng to inverse the actual situation in the hydrophobic and seal in the wax pill, the entrainment in chian back to Beijing, on the court.

unfortunately, chian to the capital, with wax pill, according to his work. Geng inverse pacified, court out the adverse party. Kangxi nineteen years, out in the trial, punishments mother died. Out the following year, imprisoned theory of chop. Apathy, according to legend, about daily life note officer Xu Gan rescue, only from forgiving to armour of shenyang human bondage. Out and his wife was on the road, & other; Two coupling system, a lie and throughout all the &; , the mind and body. He soon to note, collapsed in a monk temple, heart after month monk care to live in shenyang correlation. Mukden prefect al gore who hired him take charge of the annals “shengjing. He is both write in shenyang, and reading, live in thatched cottage, & other; 4 walls books listed, smoke light always deep & throughout; . First out in exile, losing a daughter, and a lady’s death. After kangxi emperor east tour YeLing, welcomed him to fushun driving, kneeling will give affection. Kangxi emperor of manchu and his dialogue, and finally pardoned him. Out over 17 years of exile and return to Beijing, the capital shi prince assumed zhijun to read.

three-dimensional zhijun (1677-1732), kangxi emperor the third child, prince of honesty, all knowledge, all is hiowan yei of scientists. Out to report to speak, since kangxi for forty years, the prince of honesty and their accumulation of ancient literature, classics, history, son, sets, and other Camp ShouJian, constant ChenXi & throughout; Compilation, diligence, please people copying. To kangxi 45 years, the first draft.

kangxi emperor of three-dimensional totality submission of secret memorials had great differences in the great treasure “assembly”, “integration of ancient and modern books” name. Out in the city after the spring park (today) in tsinghua university heshan room, led more than 80 people, compiling, supplement, revise and improve, and bronzeschrift printing “integration of ancient and modern books”.

kangxi emperor died, the throne as emperor yongzheng. Three-dimensional zhijun for better relations with elder brother caijing, imprisoned in jingshan wing pavilion, then die of depression. Out by its involvement, “ancient and modern books integration” affected. Out YongZhengYuan at the beginning of the 73 – year – old man was exiled and died after the customs, make him (now qiqihaer city). Yongzheng emperor life of left assistant minister tingxi (yongzheng four years rise) ministers & other; Du bearing in the pavilion ZhuChen & throughout; Revision, “ancient and modern books integration”. Tingxi to a few edits the book only, cut out from a person’s name.

kangxi emperor all relevant, the qing holy fathers a memoir, “had closed. Yongzheng emperor personally preface, completed the “ancient and modern books integration”. However, the integration of ancient and modern books out the main credit due to, rather than tingxi. Even the draft history of qing & middot; tingxi biography also not on the “integration of ancient and modern books” the calligraphy.

“the integration of ancient and modern books” and later “ku” storage wenyuan chamber of the palace in Beijing.