Yongzheng had twins is time-travel making up the emperor concubines in the house for the night

in the qing dynasty emperor never had twins

editor’s note: recently, with the TV series “the harem & middot; zhen 嬛 biography of hit, cause the audience for the history of a harem. Whether XiuNv the palace, for example, after all is regarded as & other; Small Lord & throughout; ? Can be found in his house for the night? Blood endeavoured in qing dynasty had been used? The emperor had twins? & hellip; & hellip;

this invited the famous historian Yan Chong years Mr Had answer related questions & ndash; & ndash;

I usually watch TV history, heard that the TV series “the harem & middot; Zhen Huan biography hit, but I haven’t seen. Now, I’m & other; Lecture room & throughout; Recorded “big”, the court life has involved more, so can the reader questions provide some knowledge of the history are for reference only. Don’t involve the drama plot and story, also does not involve to the evaluation of the show.

fruit king county man whether history really have?

fruit king county was given by emperor yongzheng poisoned wine to die?

plot playback: fruit king county and Zhen Huan staged a tangle and deep-rooted love, the most consequences county king was suspicious of the emperor to die of poisoned wine.

& ndash; & ndash; Really have the fruit in the history of king county person, his name is YunLi, is the first ten seven emperor, smaller than yongzheng emperor (kangxi emperor’s fourth son) 19 years old. Fruit county Wang Yunli handsome, smart studious, too. Yongzheng acceded to the throne at the age of 45, YunLi 22 years old this year. YunLi during the reign of emperor kangxi has been sealed for fruit king county, yongzheng ShiYanXu the titles, let him return to San Francisco court management, is the national affairs, two years later, as prince of fruit, in charge of. Heritage purport YunLi fuzheng when yongzheng died, for the qianlong emperor. YunLi is in qianlong three years (1738) died, 42 years old. The qianlong emperor also go to festivals. YunLi died in more than three years after the death of emperor yongzheng, so he can’t be given by emperor yongzheng died poisoned wine.

emperors and concubines meal using silver tableware?

emperor meal every dish is all in the eunuch to try?

playback: plot zhen 嬛 and son was queen design poison, as a result, the fruit king county fujin eating and death.

& ndash; & ndash; The emperor to eat what kind of tableware, it is often have change, is not the same. Sometimes with silver chopsticks, sometimes with ivory chopsticks, etc. The emperor before the meal is generally eunuchs to try, but should do not have the treatment of princess. Courts, especially the important concubine of single rice room, not every meal by the rules of the eunuch to try.

in the qing dynasty emperor to sleep outside?

plot playback: emperor yongzheng to sweet dew temple pilgrimages, and in Zhen Huan stay. Two people meet after such a long separation, the one.

& ndash; & ndash; The emperor of the qing dynasty in the palace hotel, such as southern China, east tour, personal expedition, etc., are outside the palace palace or spend the night in the royal Wo. Such as kangxi emperor three representative Dan, and start to Mongolia desert, to kerulen, sometimes camped in the wilderness, makeshift tent (royal Wo) and live. However, the qing emperor in the local family stay is not casually. As for the empress dowager cixi and emperor guangxu fleeing mess situation, especially the special case is bad to said.

can the emperor in his house for the night?

plot playback: yongzheng to zhen 嬛 place to stay, be & other Playing hard to get & throughout; Zhen 嬛 refused to block at the door.

& ndash; & ndash; Qing dynasty emperors are generally not casually to the concubines to sleep in the house, but the emperor concubines to bedroom. Starting from the yongzheng emperor, they first is to the east of the temple of yangxin lay behind her around the room and west around the room maid to bedroom room, waiting for the emperor named. Generally after dinner, the emperor will be eunuchs present green number one, which serve thy wife concubine list, by the emperor turned green headlining, by turn to lay the concubines waits. After the concubines to dragon bed shi tomb, leaving the dragon bed, why? History does not relate. This may be: first, for the sake of safety, avoid the emperor after being countered falling asleep; Secondly, for the sake of health, avoid the emperor rest bad at night; Thirdly, in order to & other; Work & throughout; Shi tomb concubines at night very much in love, smell, can affect the emperor YinShi morning (Yin are four) get up early.

whether qing dynasty have special & other Aunt teach lead & throughout; ?

& other; Small Lord & throughout; If the word is the title?

plot playback: before XiuNv the palace, all be arranged & other Aunt teach lead & throughout; And guide the palace etiquette rules, the palace after all is regarded as & other; Small Lord & throughout; .

& ndash; & ndash; I informed, documents and archives in qing dynasty, and have not seen & other; Small Lord & throughout; The call. Really have this kind of call, because is not recorded in literature, I. As for XiuNv, entered the palace after go through strict training, first GongGui, term, not only people speaking, there are those who take & ndash; & ndash; & other; Mentoring & throughout; . How many house rules, no training line! For example, some ladies encountered bumps, committed, want to commit suicide, there are a variety of provisions on maid-in-waiting suicide. In the house, in the courtyard, on the road, different locations, different forms of suicide, processing is different. Especially maid-in-waiting suicide, family members of the joint, such as some exile commissioner, some exile in the northwest, there are specific provisions. They entered the palace, to warn, to understand, let them know the serious consequences of suicide. So I can education first, prevention first. As for etiquette, how to stand, how to sit, how to walk, how to end a bowl, how to serve tea, how to eat, how to make up, or even how to dress, there are strict training. All kinds of class, the professor etiquette, simple rules and cultural knowledge.