Youku tudou consolidate network “merge” : highlight the “love at first sight”

youku and tudou combined, it is said that they will be monopoly 80% of China’s network video share. This & other; Marriage effect & throughout; Could emerge, the resulting spoof style, has a monopoly on 100% of the eyeball.

& other; Looked at _____ _____, so _____ was born & throughout; , this is called & other; Merged entity & throughout; The sentence, the original version was & other Throughout, and youku potatoes was born &; .

yesterday, the relevant & other; Merged entity & throughout; To make a sentence of solitaire game, has been in the BBS and microblog playing crazy. In addition, & other; Love throughout the body &; , & other Sad body & throughout; , & other Wu suggested & throughout; And so on, also with youku, potatoes, & other Origin & throughout; And spooky:.

& other; Merged entity & throughout; The origin of has not proven. Only know that the earliest research and development of its users, it is inspired by faye wong “legend” in the words & ndash; & ndash; & other; Just because see your one eye in the crowd. Throughout the &;

with the fermentation, it is & other; Youku glanced at his potatoes and youku potatoes was born & throughout; . Used to describe the merger of youku and tudou, was love at first sight, lang sentient beings is my intention.

under the impetus of the netizen strong creativity, a series of creations & other Merged entity & throughout; Appear on the Internet.

like & other; Apple took one look at android, looked at sina, sohu, looked at mobile unicom, looked at jingdong dangdang, everyone looked happy, looked at baidu, Google, zte glanced at huawei, sinopec oil saw a eyes, looked at forum tianya & hellip; & hellip; So the day the cat was born & throughout; .

about what to eat, & other; Looked at McDonald’s KFC, Coca-Cola took one look at Pepsi, buoyancy new forest glanced at his bread, know taste watched at xinfeng snacks, to fort will look at a field & throughout; .

about wearing, & other; Looked at Louis vuitton, Gucci, meters glanced at semir, looked at hermes, chanel, giordano glanced at jeanswest, Zara glanced at H& M” .

even celebrities because & other; Suitable & throughout; Rip. Such as & other; Fang took one look at Mr Luo, looked at han guo, guo degang glanced at zhou libo, glanced at pan shiyi, looked at lotus feng, James took one look at kobe Bryant, yao Ming took one look at yi & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; .

watch carefully, & other; Merged entity & throughout; Easy to understand, just put two brands or individuals that compete on & other; Look at & throughout; On both sides, that is, you’re done.

these & other; Body & throughout;

also fun

in addition & other; Merged entity & throughout; Play not to be outdone, other.

weibo, ajit is forwarding & other Love throughout the body &; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Youku and tudou are combined! We believe in love again & hellip; & hellip; The _____ and the _____ don’t hurry! Throughout the &;

and fill in the blanks in back, by the netizens fill in & other O seiya and transient & throughout; , & other Nicholas tse and & throughout; , & other Obama and feng & throughout; , and many other ideas.

some popular social phenomenon, also with youku, potatoes and other Mix & throughout; Together, such as & other; Spell dad body & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Youku tudou marriage success, other video sites began to muster all his strength to be a small three. Sina video said: my dad sina, the strongest; Sohu video said: my dad sohu, unify river’s lake; Tencent video said: my dad tencent, strength the strength; You look at art. In the resilience of the small skirt: without mother without father, who is baidu. The video web site was dead. Throughout the &;

and & other; Sad body & throughout; Shows the net friend worries about two website after the merger & ndash; & ndash; & other; Various hurt ah, youku has point card but never your advertising, advertising more potatoes, but definitely not card, after the merger will be spit card, or not to spit BuKa? Throughout the &;

there is a net friend imagination, creative & other Wu suggested & throughout; , even has the story.

like & other; Many a night, youku are left after potatoes to sleep, the morning after they are rivals. One night, youku did not leave, he held the potato whispered, & lsquo; Don’t fight again, okay & rsquo; Happened, potatoes. The second day, youku announced that the two companies merge. Throughout the &;

is a sm story above, there are more moving & ndash; & ndash;

& other; A group of people around the potatoes door Shouting, & lsquo; Potatoes you quality is not clear! & rsquo; & lsquo; Buffer at one hundred days, a kaka in ten thousand! & rsquo; & lsquo; Each download card at 99.9%, you mean it! & rsquo; At this moment, the door opened slowly, youku totes her red in the eyes of the potatoes, with hand smoke, gracefully, narrowed his eyes looking at the crowd to pick eyebrow sneer, & lsquo; My pet, why? Have opinions? & rsquo; Throughout the &;