Young Japanese documentary: Okinawa iron frequently huang team is actually a history of cannon fodder

Beijing, Aug. 25 (xinhua) Hong Kong Asia weekly said the latest journal, launched Japanese television documentary, recite Okinawa moving affection on the battlefield of world war ii, respectively, in the service of the Japanese brothers from the bloody meet hugs and tears; At the same time, also let the Japanese will of Okinawa teenager called & other; Iron frequently throughout emperor team &; Actually is the true history of the cannon fodder surfaced, impact.

the article extracts are as follows:

celebrated the 66th anniversary of the defeat of Japan. Every year Japan called & other; End the day & throughout; After August 15, the main media production sets, testified that tragic war.

the evening of August 13, the Japanese Fuji TV for the first time in the form of documentary TV series, revealed at the end of world war ii Okinawa on the battlefield, the family of dongjiang a pair of brothers was & other Tear & throughout; As the two true story of the soldiers to declare war against each other, also makes the Japanese militarism of forces in Okinawa young & other Iron frequently throughout emperor team &; In the army be & other; Cannon fodder & throughout; The cruel fact surfaced, impact.

two brothers ChengYong dongjiang family, koji was aged, today again meet in hometown Okinawa, also let a legend after brutal torture of fire and blood brother, into another profound reflection on the war.

Okinawa is the most brutal world war ii Japan both fighting the battle. U.S. forces in the invasion of Okinawa encountered desperate to resist the Japanese in the battle, for the dead and up to 48000 people. The Japanese about 10.7 people died and 7400 were captured, including better & other Die & throughout; Hara-kiri or detonated grenades to death. In addition, there are about 20000 people are smothered in the tunnel.

according to the latest historical data show that in the battle of Okinawa Okinawa civilians casualties is also very surprising. Okinawa was about 470000 inhabitants, about a third were killed. American digital, said the battle of Okinawa has 14 civilians casualties, including by artillery and air strikes killed as well as by the Japanese forces act as soldiers, and some Okinawa civilians under the Japanese force collective suicide. Japanese scholars from the United States before the files found in Okinawa, Japan’s military and the county government signed the memorandum of records to the school organization of military age 14 to 17 under teens & other; Iron frequently throughout emperor team &; , military training, when the extraordinary events directly into the army into battle. According to statistics, Okinawa has 12 schools 1780 teen forced & other; Volunteer & throughout; Join & other; Iron frequently throughout emperor team &; Enrich into the Japanese troops into battle, about 890 people died more than half of them. In addition, the girls’ school also was ordered to organize the girl to the field hospital when the army nurse, formed in girls’ schools as the basic unit and named shandan, salted and dried plum flowers, red springs and wutong nurse troops. The Japanese forced underage student to join in the battle of Okinawa & other; Iron frequently throughout emperor team &; Become the innocent victims of historical facts, but also become the Japanese militarism aggression in expansion of brutal hard again and again and again.

documentary “the battle of Okinawa torn by brother” in the 92 – year – old brother dongjiang ChengYong with a 82 – year – old brother dongjiang koji oral, restore the cruel war not only put the brothers into the battle of the two forces hostile deadly and reveal the forced to join & other; Iron frequently throughout emperor team &; Young dongjiang kang hong from bitter experience. Living in nago, Okinawa dongjiang sheng long a produced four children, the eldest son ChengYong before the war to us to solve poor work. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, set off in the second world war, in the United States ChengYong forced to join the military, and interrupt sign with his family.

forced into extremely tight force

up to March 1945, the U.S. began Okinawa landings. Okinawa made the third middle school at the time of the 16-year-old boy dongjiang koji with more than 300 other students were forced to join the very secret force & other; Iron frequently throughout emperor team &; , has become a young soldier.

as fighting is going on and heavy bombing, koji watched his old friend, & other; Comrades & throughout; Has been killed, is grief. However brutal war will soon he involved in the death. He, in a U.S. strafe left rib in the three rounds of ammunition, four ribs is interrupted.

the wounded koji in the tunnel and because of the tight battle were dropping, in his side not drug and food, but one to the suicide of grenades. But have strong desire instinct and reunited with his family, prompting koji climbed out of the tunnel for life. With the help of the comrades, koji found refuge in a shelter in the trenches, but the results were folks relentless refused. Since then, the dongjiang koji were ancient Xie Xingzi, 26, they received at the time, and should be sent to the Meiji and mountain refuge at the hands of his father. Because has been bleeding, and no drug therapy, koji wound began to fester deteriorated, in critical condition.

but narrow escape, the neighborhood was only 10 years old granddaughter, island bag suddenly came to the fa koji the refuge of the father and son told koji father, his eldest son ChengYongZheng looking for them. It turns out that ChengYong has joined the American intelligence surveillance and embedded in Okinawa. Before us is about to launch devastating scouring, ChengYong remember to swear to mother before & other Whatever it takes to protect family life & throughout; Commitment, the chief of the die to tracing requirements are put forward. U.S. military chief also make an exception and agreed to, and give him the time of day. Thereafter, sheng YongJiu island bag home two sisters, and to ask their belonging to the family.

to save the dying son, koji father die go down into the camp, found the firstborn ChengYong. Koji recalls, when brother ChengYong up the hill to save him, on the one hand to kill their friend us full of hatred, on the other hand also time & other; Would rather die than & throughout; , don’t want to do the captive, so once to brother are nose and dressed in military uniforms. But the brotherhood of the family finally let he threw down their weapons, to the elder brother’s arms, two people sorrow.

after the rescue, seriously koji survived. His brother ChengYong occupation after the war to continue serving in the U.S. troops in Okinawa, to serve as the senior translator, then immigrated to the United States. To regain education, therapeutic opportunity and finally became the President of the university of ryukyu.

on August 15, the media began to focus on nine section of the Tokyo war shrine. Japan’s bipartisan senators league & other; Everyone to visit the shrine will & throughout; 52 members of congress to be ancient He Cheng President, led by Thursday morning group visited the yasukuni shrine, and appointed secretary agents such as visits to the senators and congressmen were twenty and 67. The LDP President sadakazu tanigaki, a former prime minister, shinzo Abe and & other; Rise throughout Japan &; Party flat marsh takeo, also in the day of the visit. Prime minister naoto kan and all cabinet ministers are not the visits to the yasukuni shrine.

deep reflection and table mourning

kan during a trip to Tokyo plover deep war dead person’s tomb garden flowers after attended the national war dead memorial ceremony and delivered a speech said: & other; The past war to many countries, especially Asian countries people caused great loss and pain. We, at the same time in the deep reflection of the sacrifice on the people and their families, with the meaning of mourning. Throughout the &; Kan reiterated the pledge, Japan not emphasize & other; Will be cordially looking back at the past, the tragic lessons of war, as a peaceful country, and the deepening of ties between the people of the world contact throughout the &; .

according to our understanding, to visit the yasukuni shrine 8.15 in the year of the total number of about 156000 people, 10000 people over the last year. Reporters on the scene to observe, to the yasukuni shrine than usual this year 8.15 the hustle and bustle of chaos to quiet a lot. Originally some handheld combat knives, with a rifle over his shoulder, holding a bugle sounded from time to time the warsong & other; The imperial army & throughout; Greatly reduced compared with last year, the past is never absent in this filed for & other occasions; Performance & throughout; The a & other; Marine & throughout; This year also disappeared. Past dozens gathered here in Japan’s right-wing black vehicle is also reduced many of this year, and no longer continuously making high decibel noise. In the worshipers stream of people, the old man and group worshipers decreased significantly, but the young man seems to have increased, even dressed as & other; The princess & throughout; Dressed girls join to the Japanese right-wing group visits. (maofeng tea)