Yu book first clarify the media in recent years various libel against him


Beijing, Sept. 7 (Reuters) culture is a famous scholar yu qiuyu has launched his new book” what is a culture “(changjiang literature and art publishing house, 2012). This is the “cultural journeyed out twenty years later, yu qiuyu and a talk about culture of heavy work. In his book, yu from theory, life, earth, classical four aspects explains the & other; What is a culture & throughout; The fundamental problem.

in his book what is culture, yu first answer from the academic culture is the basic goal of what, culture, and the characteristics of the Chinese culture and other important issues, and the culture at the time of the formation of the present bias and misunderstanding to her comments. He to usurp the role of the searchers and defenders of the Chinese culture, analyzed the Chinese civilization as a & other; Noninvasive consumed throughout civilization &; Nature, combined with his walking around the world culture for many years, dismissed the famous political scientist at the huntington’s & other; Reigned throughout the &; The error, points out its negative consequences. Public Spaces, and neglect of Chinese culture at the same time, the empirical consciousness, weak ills, such as in the legal system concept and the current culture of culture, the populist culture and mechanism of restoring ancient ways to express their concerns, showed quite the actuality and problems of consciousness.

yu said: the book’s most let his emotional part, is recalled some cultural giants, who died of a he think these master personally reveals the deep mystery of culture with life, to & other; What is a culture & throughout; Made the answer of life. In this part, he recalled the claim & other; Sixty years old only mature & throughout; Director xie jin, and in later years he carries the family pressure, still unremitting spirit in artistic creation. He wrote xie jin retarded son, after xie jin died still looking on the port waiting for dad every day come back, the cast look forward to find the light of door opening, is the symbol of culture. Chinese students in his creation, George Bernard shaw, the third day after the outbreak of the war of resistance will say goodbye to the teacher, went to concept drama master zuolin huang, decades of hard years to create their own lofty art miracle, show a surrender of the Chinese nation culture and dignity; Talking about culture with hundred – year – old ba jin’s exchanges, yu qiuyu and with years of experience, their testimony to the old man in his late years insisted on ba jin and other Investing a stick & throughout; , & other Tell the truth & throughout; The deep understanding and respect. This respect, but also extends to the cultural reconstruction for forty years ago made remarkable contribution to the prime minister, to maintain yu when framed, but no thank you away from the world’s great scholars pei-heng zhang Sir. Similarly, in living culture in Taiwan and oblique, bai xianyong and yu guangzhong yu did not spare his own praise, think these master he appreciates and look to the culture of the model.

especially notable is, yu qiuyu in the book, the first comprehensive clarification and refuted in the media and personal question and slander against him. In “the road to find stone, he to find & other; Stone throughout a song &; The name of this gives him many trouble as the theme, to detailed revealed how he misunderstood as & other; Stone throughout a song &; Members, which have been through.

in addition, yu also attempts to calligraphy and translation in two ways, salute to classical. In addition during the culture walking for cultural sites around the writing part of the inscription, also select “heart sutra”, “li SAO”, “freedom”, “red cliff” spiritual culture, such as classic, god holds static gas, the ancient and modern communication, is to make a classical & other; His hands folded & throughout; Type of worship, and take this for your idea of a culture to make a complete answer.

after repeatedly been linked abandoned, this “what is culture” as a completely new book, is of great significance, so to speak. Not only in the road, the culture of yu has always been thinking and recreate the classic style of yu qiuyu’s prose. This one of yu & other; Culture reader & throughout; , also can saying is a belated culture experienced a confession.