Yu dafu “sink” gird zhou zuoren argue back: lust not hinder artistic value

in October 1921, a thin book publishing bureau stories from Shanghai’s east. Collection, only three of the novel by today’s standards, it should not cause much reaction. But actually, this one in modern Chinese literature is the earliest stories, because art mellow, more deeply and bold, because of its content resonates very strongly at the time. The collection, which is named after one of the topic, and destined to become people’s concern for a long time & ndash; & ndash; “Destruction”.

this novel topic, just for today, is strange. The content, in the words of the writer yu dafu: & other; First “sink” is described in a mental disease of the youth, also can saying is the youth anatomy of the disease, it also brought Syria with modern people’s anguish, & ndash; & ndash; Conflict is the requirements and spirit meat & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; & other; Second, “flying” is describing a an idealist decline & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

this content, in the 1920 s in China, the social overall is quite strange. No matter & other; Blue disease & throughout; , & other The demise of the idealist & throughout; , there is no & other; Conflict requirements and spirit of meat & throughout; . Strange, not only to the society have ambiguous feeling, more because for hundreds of years with China & other; Sex & throughout; On conflict, the taboo of the situation at that time, according to yu dafu said: & other; “Sink” into a book form was born, because society also don’t like this kind of deformity’s new book, scolding of gird, also don’t know dozens of one hundred times. Throughout the &;

although published works at that time, the authors have some mental preparation, but excess & other Salacious & throughout; , & other Immoral & throughout; Scold, called the only 25 years old young writer is really some overwhelming. On the one hand, thinking he write really & other; Salacious & throughout; Or & other Immoral & throughout; , on the other hand, he wants a bristle, can have one really know and understand this kind of literature and art, and influential people, come out a few words for their justification. Know the literature and art, and influential people, yu dafu selected zhou zuoren. Zhou zuoren, at that time already is polite inprove their own style of writing, clarity of ideas, the increasingly extensive influence in the literary world. In November 1921, he received a yu dafu faking:

very respect Mr Zhou:

please forgive my lack of a gentleman! Along with the letter postcards sent you last month has just published short stories “destruction”. I hope your inner an outspoken criticism of my work. Shanghai all scholars are against me, I’m quickly buried, I hope you are sing me sad elegy last person!

this letter, yu dafu in English to write on a postcard. Received the letter of yu dafu and “sink” collection, zhou zuoren is obviously very seriously. After the study of and reference to the western theory, zhou zuoren with bigger space, write the article for this work and strong justification “& other; destruction throughout the &;” .

text zhou zuoren’s justification, as we see, today is clear and powerful: & other; I’m talking about Mr Yu dafu in the stories “destruction”, and had to be for & lsquo; Immoral literature & rsquo; To say a few words to this question, we know him is immoral because now popular novels. Throughout the &; Zhou zuoren’s article is experienced. He did not go directly to justify the yu dafu novel, but add to the charges of the novel from others. If this charges, these people talk is pumped to cornerstone, swear words then explode.

zhou zuoren relies on the theory, is America’s ear (Mordell) of the literature on pornography. In this article writing, the so-called & other; Immoral literature & throughout; Is divided into three kinds. Yu dafu’s works when belong to the second so-called & other; Immoral literature & throughout; . Namely, & other Is consciousness, the happening of this kind of literature is not limited to time and position, is due to the natural human nature. Is not much and is not without serious, is not good and has not been a salacious; All natural novels and decadent works, mostly belongs to this. Throughout the &;

zhou zuoren large friends, he was introduced to the west even & other Psychoanalysis & throughout; Concept: & other; The human mental activity is centered on (generalized) sexuality & hellip; & hellip; If the panhandle caused by forced pressure and not hair, will become a disease, the so-called erotomania. Throughout the &; & other; The pornography in art performance, is also due to forced pressure, because these requirements in the modern civilization & ndash; & ndash; Good or bad & ndash; & ndash; Under, often rare chance very satisfied, so the consciousness to erupt, whether it is noble beautiful lyric, or not much (that is, the obscene) novel, the motivation is still the same & hellip; & hellip; Molesting only while the opposite, not to the detriment of the artistic value. Throughout the &;

so, based on the repressed instinct & other The consciousness of eruption & throughout; Out of work, & other; “Sink” is clearly belong to the second of consciousness is not much literature, although there are obscene molecules and throughout all the nature of the moral &; . That judgment is very important, it first for the works of yu dafu wash & other; Immoral & throughout; Charges. So, how should the contents of the “destruction” understand? Zhou zuoren thought: & other; But I think it is better to sum up, this set is described by the youth of a very modern, and seems to be more really. Will conflict with reality of, is all this misery basic; People are not content with reality, and no longer willing to dun in emptiness, is still the strong cold reality, seek its & hellip; if I cannot get happiness and happiness & hellip; The author in this description was very successful. So-called conflict original said only flesh and spirit meat forced pressure, does not contain the meaning of critical, thought and spirit better & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; See here, we really feel of zhou zuoren thought ahead with depth. In the 1920 s, to the spirit of modern people, sexual conflict, can see so clear and feel so deep, it can be referred to as advanced age.

zhou zuoren is not only the understanding of the art of literature is quite advanced, the impact on the literature also have their own opinions. After the full affirmation “sink” of artistic value, to its impact in the society, zhou also spoke: & other; Near the end of the I will solemnly declared, “sink” is a work of art, but he is & lsquo; The vow of literature & rsquo; Reading, rather than the average person. Someone criticize porter to ear poems said: & lsquo; His illusion is dark and terrible. Most of his work was not suitable for young and ignorance of recitation, but sensible readers can get really mothballed force from this poem. & rsquo; Is this a few words can year here. In life has been close to quit, his light and shadow of sexual life, since the force can get mothballed from these books, but for is need sex education & lsquo; Children & rsquo; The very suitable & hellip; & hellip; On this layer the difference, I would like to pay special attention to readers. Throughout the &; So, the understanding of “ruin” this work and its influence, are very perfect. Zhou zuoren’s clarity and contemplation of the comprehensive, not the average person can reach. Yu da-fu to zhou zuoren is not only to find the right person, he said at the time, zhou zuoren is almost all aspects to “sink” of clear. (on)