Yu Dan about lifestyle: “I’m a literary female middle-aged”

for most people, yu Dan is a familiar, yu Dan lifestyle is little.

three years later, yu Dan another new & ndash; & ndash; “Yu Dan boring for life”. This time, yu will be taken from a musical instrument, a jug of wine, a cup of tea in hand, pass the ancient celebrities of attitude to life, to let hurrying to find a modern & other; Zero threshold & throughout; Way of happy affection raises a gender.

the current status, yu Dan is satisfactory.

in urumqi, was invited to lecture, she will look to the kanas, see the tianchi, look at the border crossing; Accompany daughter time is short, but & other; Quality & throughout; .

& other; People in the busy, at work is the significance of creation, is created when leisure, playing. When the significance and meaning can balance, that is the artistic conception of life. I think, life is full of meaning, a little boring, is not artistic conception, but you if you are not creating an idle sense, that can not say that in the past. I expect the artistic conception is the balance of the meaning and significance, this is my ideal state. Throughout the &; Yu said.

reporter: popular these years what you are thinking about the problem? Why write a life interest?

y: these years I finished the analects of Confucius, finished “zhuangzi” and after all the pre-qin thought essence, has been to find a what kind of the carrier, can be happy in life. The first must be a Chinese carrier, the second must be low cost, lower the threshold to going into the households. The third it is appropriate in daily life is comfortable, because we always think today in a hurry, always feel heart is not static, because we lack a kind of appropriate optimal trust, then can find appropriate comfortable daily life? So then I just think, the Chinese say the unique romance poem hop, including daily necessities sauce vinegar tea, there are small, but there are more or less have some appropriate is comfortable, I also brewing for a long time, want to here below some story, want you to ponder.

reporter: are there any specific things let you change your thinking and writing life interest?

yu: when I say “” the analects of Confucius> result”, I was more than a year old daughter, now the children have to go to school, the child is in the process of growing up, as a college professor, I don’t really know how to take a kindergarten children, children have a lot of problems, children want to learn a lot of ways, so over the years I’ve been thinking about a problem, is that my children and my students need to find what kind of the carrier, to tell her thoughts in the carrier, as everything I have to let her play for her to understand something, then I was thinking, justice, rationality is, we adults don’t want to easy, who is willing to sit there all day listen to reason, have to play something, making tea, drinking, or landscape, the landscape, listen to music, like should be able to find a way.

reporter: now the society, to talk about these the appeal of the life can let a person quiet, real realization in it? You want the reader to obtain?

yu Dan: what did you say to everyone as calligraphy and painting, not to say that everyone has such power, let’s start with the most speech. With our peaceful way of the Chinese people, to find more pleasure in life, let and vigorous quiet this state is good, because power is behind the peaceful, see the world with a clean heart, it will see the world as a kind of clean, he will see a heart to see their booming, this is pure heart.

reporter: many champions league title on a lot of for you, you also ran to the lectures all over the country. The role of you so much, in all kinds of roles, what do you think how do you do?

y: I want to go far, you can see me is what kind of person. Everybody said I got into a star, everybody can such attention, and in the name of culture, are not necessarily a bad thing in a short period of time, but time is long, we will place you the title fade. You will see every semester I still to undergraduate students in class, this is my duty.

where I go to other lectures, many of them are my heart wants to go to the place, a place like this I could not say to crowding round with a TV to shoot, I feel nothing but from the heart like it. So I think a person seriously in the present, do their own thing, as to what others say, I think as long as it is good that is the rights of others, a person respect their inner choice, also want to respect other people’s voice, I don’t try so hard to refute, to defend, to correct, people spend time to prove himself too much, just don’t have time to do something else. Rather than to prove himself, to do myself, so I now is like this, you can check my work, I’ve been quite satisfied to my work, because from undergraduate to graduate, to Dr. To research articles, the school of administrative management, I think I work ok.

reporter: recently, there are rumors that yu Dan recently went to some county in shaanxi lectures less than 2 hours, JiangKeFei amounted to 300000 yuan?

y: unconfirmed rumors online, I simply ignored. I sometimes get to the Internet search the recent rumors about what I have, and then get the classroom as a communication case, give students a lecture analysis with: why such a noise? Once I use objective eye to look at these noises, I wouldn’t be too angry. Because I too know that rumors appeared on the communication is going on.

I respect my rights others evaluation, as long as I live up to their own conscience. Some people talk is not very friendly, I also can’t to defend and correct, I have to do a lot every day, which have so much energy to these trival things.

in addition to the teacher and the identity of the mother, & other; Star scholar & throughout; Such as title, is will be over sooner or later. Life is good on every occasion. Have to me, deliberately evades and deliberately chase is the same. And this thing, see you how to use it.

to & other; Properly & throughout; , I didn’t give children a parents’ meeting, I don’t want to know who she is the daughter of others, because fame at least not involving his family.

reporter: that do you have trouble with daughter?

y: I have a lot of trouble, but I do not particularly like to complain. Complaint is not a good thing, it let others also tired, but the matter is not how much of a difference. Sometimes, I believe that is an interesting thing.

I was in elementary school children, she also worry. When she was four years old in kindergarten do manual, back fondle admiringly, the results fell, crashed with a clash basket broke, see children cry, I said you, don’t cry, mom try to let this flower basket good-looking than before. I use small scissors cut a diamond, on the basket, just blocked the hole, then stick cabinet on top, like all over the sky star, after stick really beautiful than before. Later, has acquired a special daughter of schadenfreude, what a bad she said: this must be better than before. Adult wouldn’t be so naive, I think people’s troubles, most will not get better than before, but my bottom line is don’t make it worse than now.

reporter: whether to return to the CCTV “lecture room”?

y: don’t rule out the possible, but depends on chance.

I want to, I was caught up with & other; Chinese hot & throughout; . In addition, I’m teaching communication, is good at telling stories. Each section has a natural tendency of its development, a brilliant rise period, also can have the decline, but also has adjusted its own glory again.

reporter: many web site to invite you to open weibo, you refused?

y: if you want to share my idea, on television channels, give a lecture, and so on, is enough. I want to give us some more time with my daughters, or quietly read a book.

the somebody else say my life is quite refined taste, tea, listening to music, speech, and often with poems, and yes, I kind of literature and art, I am a middle-aged woman of literature and art.