Yu ying-shih: hu shi is the largest and the most lasting influence thinkers in the 20th century

on December 17, 2011 is the 120th anniversary of the day, at home and abroad of the academia, the media have some commemorative activities.

Taiwan & other; The central research institute & throughout; Academicians, Princeton university professor, the Chinese thought history research authority, Mr Yu ying-shih in hu shi’s 100th birthday (1991), who wrote “hu shi and democracy movement in China” to commemorate the May 4th sages and the knowledge of the outstanding Chinese leaders in the 20th century.

in hu shi’s 120th birthday, Mr Yu ying-shih to a eighty – year – old, embrace our overseas written interview, chang theory of hu shi’s life, thoughts, academic and personality, as well as to the research progress of hu shi, was published in full by readers.

hu shi research progress

the Oriental morning post: thank you very much yu shi in the 120th anniversary of the establishment, with the financial times interview. You is to study the authority of the Chinese intellectual history, and at the same time to the modern history of characters has a unique research, such as the study of hu shi and gu jiegang economist, once published “process: looking for hu shi hu shi’s life and thoughts between” works, such as hu shi’s 100th birthday in 1991, you have a special writing “hu shi and democracy movement in China” to commemorate the historical figures, and predicted that hu shi will both at home and abroad in this paper the Chinese intelligentsia received more and more attention. As you know, in the past 20 years, what are the important research results of hu shi? Can say some breakthrough progress has been made?

ying-shih yu: I often read Mr GengYunZhi editor in chief of the hu shi research communications, know that studies of hu shi, every year there are a lot of books and papers, quantity is far beyond my imagination. I feel to early years of the 20th century Chinese intellectual leader, his mainland received attention today, maybe when within the first two or three. But when it comes to & other; Breakthrough & throughout; Bad, the reply. I am not in nearly, modern history is a professional research, more not & other; Hu Xue experts & throughout; , so and not to the above a lot of books and papers, read one by one. In overseas, you mention the periplasm, Mr Depauw university two is still a pilot study by hu shi. Ms zhou and Chen Yuxian book in English an experimentalist free spirit (& other; A Pragmatist and His Free Spirit” Printed, the Chinese university of Hong Kong press, 2009) is a new book written on hu shi emotional life, readers may rarely have the opportunity to read at home. Taipei united in January by publishing the depauw university “: the world hu shi” first the right pu han choi, 1891-1891. The book is divided into three parts, the second and the third is in writing, on a big scale, research is also the best of JingXiang capabilities. The first is to seven hundred pages long, about more than six hundred thousand words. So the book three copies could not less than two BaiWanYan. It can be said to be in the study of hu shi academic high a big book. Such as Mr Jiang had a serious professional historians took eight years, ten years of effort, to write a detailed biography for hu shi, the eyes of his general historian is still one of the most important research object. Thus further inference, shows his status and impact on 20th century Chinese history indeed far above other peers.

go back to your question, I want to emphasize for nearly 30 years, hu shi research has been in progress, never stop. But we can’t expect the so-called & other; Breakthrough & throughout; Because you so-called & other; Breakthrough & throughout; The equivalent of & other; The scientific revolution & throughout; Type of big change, this is not realistic. Hu shi today has entered the Kuhn (Thomas Kuhn) so-called & other; Normal & throughout; The condition of scientific research, in specific, local at any time on the question of new & other; Breakthrough & throughout; But & other; Hu shi research & throughout; As a whole field, since there is no large number of the emergence of new materials, new facts, new & other; Model & throughout; (& other Paradigm”) Is never to appear.

& other; Back to hu shi & throughout;

the Oriental morning post: this year is the 130th anniversary of hu shi’s 120th birthday, at home and abroad of the intelligentsia and the media have some commemorative activities and reports, in 80, after 90, the younger generation after lu xun and his growth in their mental life seems not so important as to their generations on, quite a few young people haven’t heard of hu shi, with lu xun, for ideological reasons (a lot of selected works of lu xun middle school textbooks) also confirmed a disgusted attitude, some people think that it is very natural history phenomenon, what do yu think of this kind of intergenerational between & other; Memory loss and forgetting & throughout; Phenomenon?

ying-shih yu: you said, for the 50, the nine after the younger generation, lu xun and hu shi had between if deposit if wu, some young people don’t even have heard hu shi. You said, about this phenomenon, some people think is natural, but you finally puts forward the generation between & other; Memory loss and forgetting & throughout; The problem.

I also think it is only natural thing. Let me lead Zhao Yi in the qing dynasty (1727-1727) a poem as the answer, this is everyone can recite the poem in the past, I hope it still is today in China. Political: & other; Li bai poem oral, has not fresh. Jiangshan generation have fell out, each excellences for hundreds of years. Throughout the &; Think of li bai, du fu, hundreds of years later lose & other; Fresh & throughout; And the work of others? But Zhao Yi so-called & other; Throughout the excellences for hundreds of years &; Refers to the traditional culture of slow changes in the environment, a small change in 3, 5, a big change of modern society, an economist’s appeal if can maintain & behind other Throughout decades &; The to of, is rare. Hu shi’s death in 1962, the year is just 50 years, he still receive such a high degree of attention on the mainland, so that the Oriental morning post also felt in his one hundred and twenty – year – old birthday this day, should be a memorial for him, it’s fully show his thoughts and exuberant vitality. If compared with those of contemporary intellectual leaders, including influence of hu shi can never be be & other; Forget & throughout; Of the people. As to appreciate his or criticism, he was completely irrelevant. Criticism or generally, is also an expression of the memory. In the early 195 s to hu shi launched nationwide comprehensive & other mainland Critical & throughout; Today, from the perspective of the history of it is on the top of his worship. I am here is not to hold hu shi, is only a short history of the objective. My conclusion is that he is most influential and most lasting 20th century scholars and thinkers. If someone says his & other; Learning simple & throughout; , & other Shallow-minded & throughout; I also don’t want to defend him. But there is an objective fact cannot be denied that it is this & other; Rudimentary knowledge & throughout; , & other Shallow thoughts & throughout; , just make him still look at the figures.

I believe you said, today the mainland students up and down about twenty seldom read directly hu shi’s works. Hu shi not only, & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; Age of other prominent writers also could not escape the same fate, even lu xun is no exception. This is mainly because their books and the concrete object involved & ndash; & ndash; People, things, or question & ndash; & ndash; Already in the past, today’s young reader reads will naturally feel quite diaphragm. But hu shi put forward the basic principles and centres concept is still today’s young people can understand (this, of course, also applies to other scholars or author). So his today is indirect, the influence of by later generations of hu shi thought research and exposition. Hu shi research is important here.

throughout his life, he played the greatest impact began, is the general call literary revolution. After he went to Peking University by hall and newspapers (e.g., “new youth”, efforts to weekly, “morning supplement” and so on), strongly advocated & other; The new culture & throughout; Or & other A new trend throughout the &; Ten-fold period, this is he. Until 1937, the Anti-Japanese War, in order to personal influence is concerned, hu shi can be regarded as one of the best man. & other; Left & throughout; Pour trend of catch-up later in the 192 s, shi suddenly do have gradually overwhelming trend. But hu shi’s thought of at the time many & other; Left & throughout; Pour the youth leave the seeds in the heart, dozens of years have & other; Born again when the spring breeze blows & throughout; The miracle appear. What I have read wang yuanhua’s words, Li Shenzhi, Mr ShuWu several old age, are obviously high & other; Back to hu shi & throughout; The news.