Yuan on the tractor driver conjugal love continue “the hawthorn love”

published in 1964, yuan

TV series “hawthorn tree in front of the jiangsu satellite TV is an nostalgic, jiangsu satellite TV is also held by this chance & other; Looking for parents’ love story & throughout; This activity, hoping to find the pure love is like jing qiu, and old, can hook up a generation of good memories. Particularly strong activities launched after the reaction, published in 1964, a female tractor driver on RMB to tells the story of a perfect marriage and his wife more than half a century, the famous comedian Huang Hong parents also participated in the activities, for the first time to say their 60 years experience & other; Diamond wedding & throughout; . They use their own love story to tell you that true love, stand the test of time.

RMB on the tractor driver love

in April 1962, China issued a RMB have a spirited girl tractor on hand, she is & other; A model & throughout; To, for decades, has become a beam grandma with her own love to attend & other Looking for parents’ love story & throughout; In the activity. Speak of and his wife together through ups and downs, beam grandma memories: & other; I still remember when I was 12 years old my mother in order to give brother marry money, give me to find a husband’s family, fiance is my cousin, the old society is such, although I promised to her mother’s request, but also put forward my conditions, that is reading, I still remember when I was 12 years old, fiance, 14 years old. Throughout the &;

beam grandma’s story at first, attracted everybody’s attention, said beam grandma continue to elaborate: & other; After a simple engagement ceremony I went to read, read the four or five years after child bride, so I went back to the fiance home fiance was already to take part in the anti-japanese, later I went to see him, also hope to take part in the anti-japanese, with his help I became a teacher. Throughout the &; When the teacher liang grandma always felt her, did not dare to have any & other; Ideas & throughout; , but in a learning process, she met her & other Mr. Right & throughout; . & other; Then when studying, I met him, think he various conditions are good, so I wrote to the leaders and ask for their opinion, get their approval before daring to study together with him, together to chat, but still said nothing. Throughout the &; Memories here, liang grandma face a happy smile, & other; We kept the pure relationship, until later led all pressed we married, my in the mind are still a little afraid to, the classmates around and wait until we get married, just know we are in love. Throughout the &; Beam grandma’s story reminds you of the old and static autumn the love that dare not openly, not lintel help jing qiu, and old grandma & other; Continued throughout the &; A good story. Beam grandma and his wife finally walked into the marriage hall, but they still had a youthful small friction, beam grandma smiled and said: & other; At that time I am & lsquo; A model & rsquo; , a lot of people want to and I together, his wife at that time often ask me these, in the end, he admitted that he was eating & lsquo; Fly vinegar & rsquo; . Throughout the &; After established the love, the life episode did not brought unhappiness for beam grandma and his wife’s life, make them more love, smoothly through the decades of marriage path, also let everybody see, true love need to experience wind and rain, but it will never fade.

Huang Hong family

Huang Hong father Huang Feng & other; Five hair moneys love & throughout;

if the beam grandma’s love is the perfect version of the hawthorn tree, their story seems to be the continuation of jing qiu, and old love complete, then the famous comedian Huang Hong parents told us, that time, another kind of love of their parents. Huang Hong Huang Feng has eighty – year – old father, speak of his love and his wife, Huang Feng old man in high spirits, & other; We haven’t met before marriage, it is the parents arranged marriage, I remember I was in the room, his wife walking on my door, they ask me to see, in order to let mother happy, I said see, the marriage even if set. Throughout the &;