“Yuan pagoda” included in the 10 most ugly building ready to declare the guinness book of records (FIG.)

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yuan pagoda

in recent years, testing the different shapes of building the public’s vision, some buildings because modelling strange, vulgar, but also attract criticism. Recently, by building network news soufangwang selection in 2012 the third China top ten list of ugly building, luq lingshan scenic & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Building on the list! Why we love it: naked & other; Wealth throughout tower &; . Yesterday, the reporter interviewed.

luq & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Modelling of contentious

& other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Real name is very straightforward, call & other; Wealth throughout tower &; Because of its the wing shape of the tower will be netizen became & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; , you also slowly forget its name.

although weird, attract attention, but know & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Little people in shijiazhuang. The results of China’s top ten ugly building competition, let the previously unknown & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Night & other; Fame & throughout; . Some netizens said, this is typical of money worship, so ugly building let & other; The aesthetic view of Chinese construction throughout the whole paralysis &; . & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Located within a hill head luq lingshan scenic spot, 307 national road on the west side. Golden & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; The distance is very eye-catching. About 30 meters high tower, the octagonal shape, a layer of plastic have the good fortune the lad, Zhao Gongming, Bai Gui, fan li, the duke guan, than dry, dragon wuye, pu-tai eight god of wealth, such as each of the god of wealth sculpture has the corresponding text is introduced. The tower is reams enlarge wing shape. Have net friend say, & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; God of wealth of all stripes, suggesting 10 blessing, good fortune as one wishes. The towers are from small to large, wing shape is jut sail to riches and honour and glory. For Internet users, several of lingshan scenic area management staff have said, don’t know & other Yuan pagoda & throughout; Design intent, but the common good, is there any meaning, this is anyone guess, cannot treat as the same.

after & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Still unfinished work hours, scenic spot, head of a once said in an interview with the media, the tower is known to the world’s tallest tower of wealth, is preparing to declare the guinness book of world records.

tower was not completed when there are pilgrims come

there are comments, said rao is market economy, but the pursuit of economic interests is a bit excessive. Luq & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Reflecting some naked money worship, but money around. Lingshan scenic spot a worker said, money, after all, is the objective existence of things people attitude to it is the difference between their own state of mind.

according to the report, & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; Has not been completed when they are pilgrims have come to worship the god of wealth. Scenic spots nearby ZaoLin village, the villagers said, except during the temple fair, usually go & other Yuan pagoda & throughout; A lot of people at the novel, mainly tourists.

on January 10, reporters see the two visitors. & other; All money is wrong, but no money also not line! Throughout the &; A visitor that seek is not a shady things, money can get food and clothing, enjoy better health, revered by others, but should seek youdao. For & other; Yuan pagoda & throughout; The visitors have their own views. He thought that yuan pagoda builders are not just for money, also in order to attract attention. Golden wing model with its strange, let you’ll never forget. Although there is no meaning, is considered by most to be ugly, but has caused the attention of the public. Construction is also a kind of culture, however, this approach does not seem desirable.

strange building behind the impetuous wind

experts believe that the emergence of all sorts of strange buildings that people have the spirit of the pursuit of innovation, but & other; Innovation & throughout; Too much is & other; Shocking & throughout; . Each building, should give full consideration to its cultural connotation and the surrounding environment of compatibility, the mass aesthetic should be considered. There is a big sickness & ndash; in modern architecture & ndash; & ndash; Impetuous.

from a professional point of view, & other; So pay attention to form & throughout; Is a kind of alienation. Abroad although there are many strange building modelling, but China concentrated so much in a short time the architectural design bold modelling, surprising. Pay attention to form novel this isn’t a bad thing, but the problem is excessive pursuit of architectural forms. When a city, with an enterprise architecture to show off or & other Throughout the strings &; Raspberry, harvest and ridicule it is no wonder.