Yuan took four years of silence creation ii: speak to people who do not understand

& other; In the history of the best history teacher & throughout; Yuan off after four years of silence, with their new works the war is that: yuan off about the second world war. On “. Therefore, yuan off on its microblog proudly announced: I grew up was a military enthusiasts, study ii has nearly 20 years, I am 70% of knowledge accumulation, in the civil war. While for knowledge reserves have enough confidence, he also admitted that & other; This book can’t instead of the teaching material, my books and teaching material is not the kind of things, one is the reference books, one is the teaching material. Throughout the &;

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& other; I won’t speak in “lecture room” warfare, because history is too long. Throughout the &;

five years ago, yuan off with a mouthful of humor and a bit of Beijing was born, his lecture fragments were posted online, by Internet users, known as & other; In the history of the best history teacher & throughout; . As “, this history is on “sold millions of copies, fame yuan tengfei suddenly silent, until recently, with the latest works of the war is that: yuan off about the second world war. On” reveals his silence: four years has been working in the new history series.

in fact, he didn’t leave the river’s lake, river and never did he lose his story. He is telling the history books, has been popular. About his record new programs, rumors and famous stars cooperation has also been reported by the media. In 2011, he first won the royalties and sharpens iron case.

last August in Shanghai book fair saw off yuan, he “, this history is on “series at the scene of the book fair amongst specially for thousands of readers held a called & other; In contemporary Chinese traditional cultural heritage and application & throughout; Lecture, comment on history and culture between the ridicule. Because the subject is China’s traditional culture, he noted & other; The 21st century the most can represent China, not tall buildings, and should be traditional Chinese thought and culture, an influential power, output should have their own thoughts, only in this way you will receive the respect of others. Throughout the &;

that day you the deepest impression, is of yuan China & other; Wifely submission and virtue throughout the &; Interpretation. & other; Chinese culture of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, letter, is a universal value, the foreigner is not so called, but they also speak this kind of values, the human virtues are common. Such as western speak love, equality, in fact “and” benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, the letter also have in common, so I can’t think of China’s traditional culture is trash. In the traditional Chinese culture & lsquo; Three cardinal guides the p5 & rsquo; , & lsquo; Three cardinal guides & rsquo; Don’t accord with the request of the ages, the p5 universal. Again, for example, wifely submission and virtue, & lsquo; Re-understanding & rsquo; It is wrong to, observe & lsquo; Four DE & rsquo; Girl, in any country at any time is a good girl. Throughout the &; Interview yuan tengfei again after four months, he obviously more cautious, confessed to answer this question focus on new books. For those living problem of a class, choose only answered to the be fond of tea. This change, and on the “lecture room” presided over him, with the rapid advances on the Internet than he is.

in the book, he still keep their own language charm: & other; Japanese amuse, they lack the grand strategy, a solution to the most trouble is to create a bigger trouble & throughout; & other; At the meeting in Paris and seek the world hegemony in the United States, Britain and France, unite to deal with the United States, say the za elder brothers to win five hundred new world open up since it bison, with what be boss? The za elder brother’s the boss. Throughout the &; As the series of the first, the war is that: yuan off about the second world war. The “wide coverage, covers all aspects of world war ii, the overall interpretation of world war ii. & other; The second world war was the largest war in human history, also is the most recent full-scale war on time, the second world war still affects the international pattern, therefore able to in-depth and thorough interpretation of the second world war, let people understand the truth of the second world war, for myself, is a particularly meaningful thing. Throughout the &; Yuan off said.

when it comes to this a series of new books can move on to his famous “lecture room”, he admits & other; This thing can’t depend on me. I won’t speak in “lecture room” warfare, because history is too long. And you can’t prove you write one hundred percent is correct, because the war abroad, translation may have discrepancy. Throughout the &; For war, his opinion is & other; Can not dozen don’t play, I resolutely opposed the war & throughout; . As for those who claim & other; War promoted the productivity and the development of science and technology & throughout; , & other; War promoted the national integration & throughout; Point of view, he said part of the identity, & other; But this is all the side effects of war, war is subjective role in killing each other. Human use the latest technology for killing each other, it will promote the development of science and technology, it is a matter of life and death, you invented the I die, I invented you died. These developments with the killing. There should be a better way to promote integration. Throughout the &;