Yue minjun: smile of trap

the media report the Chinese artists exhibition held to such as yue minjun, news pictures is a few smirking man climbed the statue of liberty, the title is: they come!

on June 11, 798, there was a traffic jam.

yue minjun solo exhibition “the road” held in pace Beijing gallery. Exhibition site, the frequently clap a tens of millions of dollars for artists, by a star’s numerous flash on he clicks. Since 1991 the first & other; Giggle & throughout; The great ecstasy, a work, 20 years later, yue minjun still stubbornly to laugh in response to the current society.

hang yue minjun don’t like to see your works in the exhibition hall, can feel disgusting, the creeps, is still a little worried, always feel and expectations. As he painted characters, he laughed, but very nervous, closed my eyes don’t want to see the world, his smile, but you will feel that his heart is actually not willing to the pessimism of the dark. His painting hangs in the exhibition hall, seemed to be stripped naked, the inner air in public, is still serious, too uncomfortable.

laughter is trap

compared to other contemporary artists, yue minjun closer to the entertainment circle. He and Andy lau communication art, zhang yuan’s film “a”, he is also a handful of cooperation, even the “what’s wrong with rock” of wang lee hom sang & other; Sensitive jun like smiling face & throughout; . In the movie “love”, as an important prop throughout the story, the works of yue minjun director Chen yi, said the reason to put yue’s works in the movie, because they are so impressive. But the price is the Chen yi, must take the painting home every night, the second day get back to the spot, because other people are reluctant to take such a big responsibility.

since the 1990 s, yue minjun paintings began to appear constantly in her face as the prototype, grinning like a Cheshire cat, smiling face into a mask.

to giggle, yue minjun’s explanation is different every time. Sometimes he will say this smiling face, as in life, & other; Each day is a mixture of pain and pleasure, life is not able to completely forget oneself happy & throughout; ; Sometimes he would say this is & other; Forced open by hungry mouth & throughout; ; Sometimes he will say one was laughed at by the hole the most ruthless, he repeated lose faith, drawing laughter is like laughing at the reality full of betrayal; At the same time, he also feel & other; Laughter is a kind of guarantee to ensure everything will turn out good, like Buddhism promised an afterlife fullness & throughout; Because & other; It’s no use any other reflect & throughout; . These words, he said many, explain always polysemy, actually the meaning of yue minjun also don’t want to smile forever fixed, otherwise will not be his time.

like Bosch and bruegel’s crazy and fool, smirking man is under extreme emotional state, like the brain into the water, lose the ability to reason. & other; Laughter is a trap, & throughout; Yue said, & other; I want to put the negative emotions are hidden behind the smile. Throughout the &;

yue minjun has also tried to change.

in 2006, yue minjun seems tired of smirking, he produced & other; Looking for series & throughout; . But, in fact, & other; Looking for series & throughout; Is the brain of a giggle person. & other; Giggle person feel confused, and don’t know where the export, so show a sense of the maze. Throughout the &; Yue minjun explains. In his & other; Scene series & throughout; , the works are based on known Chinese and foreign painting masterpieces, but out of the characters, leaving only the environment.

in the “new doctor for fishery port” are missing the simple woman barefoot doctors, leaving only empty boat; “Chairman MAO to AnYuan” gone chairman MAO of oiled paper umbrella; And in this time of the impregnation told the archangel Raphael and Notre Dame are gone, is just a scene. This is not only a negative for the past, there is also a game attitude, have some similarities with smirk, perhaps can help us get rid of the limitation and bondage, rethinking, and not so specific things but are less important.