“Zen master” popular high IQ youth beats the old zen master a word

like chicken soup type essay, must not & other; The old zen master & throughout; This strange characters. Although never seen his face, but he give all kinds of young people to guide the story of life, is impressive.

however, recently, Internet & other; Lakers coach phil Jackson body & throughout; Fame, but let & other; The old zen master & throughout; A little depressed.

watched TV drama “The Big Bang Theory” (The Big Bang and found), certain there was for a moment, want to put inside The & other; Sheldon & throughout; (Sheldon) classmates play a meal. This is said to have & other; IQ eq 18.7 187 & throughout; Genius, always use their professional knowledge, make the people around me in distress situation. And more recently, a collection of the wisdom of millions of netizens, seem as if they are & other; Sheldon & throughout; Possessed of youth, let us & other The old zen master & throughout; Met new problems.

let’s take a look at this & other; Trouble & throughout; The young man:

1. The young man asked Jackson: & other; Master, I love my girlfriend, she has many advantages, but there are always a few let I hate, what method can let her change? Throughout the &;

Jackson smiling, a. & other; Method is very simple, but if I teach you, you need to first down the mountain for me to find a positive not only on the back of the paper back. Throughout the &;

youth slightly a thoughtfully, pulls out a wheat than uz ring.

(only one side of explanation: wheat than uz circle. Will a rectangular piece of paper the ABCD AB is fixed at one end, and the other end of the DC reverse and a half weeks, AB and CD together, get the paper ring is wheat than uz ring.)

2. Youth asked Jackson: & other; I work very hard, but no career achievements, how to do? Throughout the &;

Jackson said: & other; Ninety degrees is very hot, but the water temperature, make the water boils? Throughout the &;

youth said: & other; But I grew up in Lhasa. Throughout the &;

(explanation: altitude low boiling point.)

3. Youth asked Jackson: & other; Master, I final hard to prepare for a long time but still not good, GPA (grade point average) drop a lot, what method can let my GPA go up? Throughout the &;

the buddhist monk replied, & other; The changing of the tides, the month full moon lacks, in this world but what’s up did not fall? Throughout the &;

just ponder to the youth, said, & other; Entropy & throughout; .

(explanation: the entropy of an isolated system is always increase, this is the second law of thermodynamics.)