Zeng guofan immodesty in trouble Given to the imperial yellow jacket “knockoff” flood

zeng guofan had & other; The trapped & throughout; Fake: allow garment fang boss tyrant ZhiHuang jacket

yellow jacket

& other; Word three years (in 1864), vigorous movement of the taiping heavenly kingdom was suppressed, qing Treasury emptiness of qing dynasty in order to tighten monetary policy, to start large-scale disarmament. Not in the lower part of nature, even those in the suppression of the taiping rebels has long been the general officer of yellow jacket hasn’t been spared. As a result, there are many because of many reasons rather than returning soldiers cut in society, including increased the instability.

one day, jiangning house (now jiangsu) first pawnshop & ndash; & ndash; Day bless pawnshop to a customer. The man was tall, portable a baggage, shouted into the door, said to pawn treasures, two sycee charge 50. The rich shopkeeper ginger just shook out baggage, is & other; Throughout the town &; The & ndash; & ndash; Given the baggage was arrive imperial monocular HuaLing yellow jacket! The rich know, of course, ginger yellow jacket is related to the royal dignity, such as improper disposal there will be a fatal disaster, even was slain, and so a full face of reckon he said to the man: & other; This royal bank can’t deal, I have here a couple of silver, please take it. Throughout the &; Unexpectedly, the man not only ungrateful, and swearing to take broadsword flurry, it seems that if be a yellow jacket, not only should make pawn shop, is also likely to chop down a person. Men don’t eat immediate loss, ginger, the rich have to accept the yellow jacket.

thought poorer received this yellow jacket will be escaped, but since then, now they come to the rich ginger pawn yellow jacket, some HuaLing or eyes. The rich know ginger in big trouble, so crustily skin of head to find his family & ndash; & ndash; Jiangning magistrate TuZongYing, ask him to.

TuZongYing said after a pregnant pause, the rulers took out some silver aid day bless pawnshops, called ginger pawnbroker although & other; Recycling & throughout; Yellow jacket. The rich know ginger, this also is helpless, because they have a yellow jacket cut withdrawal ye if wearing a yellow jacket within the jurisdiction area of jiangning house crime, then the situation will only more disorderly, take silver is better than silence.

painted the magistrate and ginger the rich thought, given the royal yellow jacket, after all, is limited, as long as recovery after everything is all right, but more and more people come to pawn yellow jacket, which subsequently to jiangning house other pawnshops are someone come to pawn yellow jacket, a total number of nearly thousand pieces.

with magistrate that feel a ghost: in the end of the taiping rebels ten years of war, yellow jacket for the emperor’s royal give added up to no more than one thousand, are these yellow jacket all rushed to jiangning house? Besides, still continue to have a yellow jacket life every day! Ginger pawnbroker also saw, so they neglect to look carefully, study what he & other Recycling & throughout; Yellow jacket, finally found that her early & other; Recycling & throughout; Indeed is a palace royal, and the late & other; Recycling & throughout; All is fake! He hurried to the findings reported magistrate.

with magistrate hurried dispatch fast to handle a case. Being able to in the jiangning house an underground garment fang searches a large number of yellow jacket has been copied. After the interrogation, the garment lane call Zou Renkui boss, his boss claimed the background is the destroy of the taiping heavenly kingdom active. Tu magistrate I wonder if this confession credible, so we have to carefully to zeng guofan child.when.

zeng guofan after receiving reports, suddenly remind of he fought with the taiping rebels in anqing, stores once, using the thanks to anqing rich Zou Renkui to his 300 Shi Jun grain, the emergencies. Later, zeng guofan to reward Zou Renkui Zou Renkui but declined, saying he is going to do the clothing business in jiangning house area, hope to have a guard granted. Zeng guofan wanting to do business, the trivial things are worth mentioning? Then nodded in agreement. Who knows Zou Renkui this fellow do clothing business was squatting ZhiHuang jacket!

TuZongYing immediately check with zeng guofan how to deal with. Zeng guofan thought, if kill Zou Renkui, if future court asking the tyrant ZhiHuang jacket, lane is bad to be deceived into thinking that he has disloyalty to the court, is the tyrant of ZhiHuang behind the jacket, so Zou Renkui for criminals. To avoid this link, zeng guofan indicated TuZongYing will Zou Renkui closely held, in order to stay alive.

there is no windtight wall, the imperial court soon know this a series of strange things happened in jiangning house. In charge of the queen mother did not sin in zeng guofan, just when summoned his broad like to mention about this. Then, empress dowager cixi and zeng guofan as imperial commissioner, DuShi siege twisting forces. Zeng guofan, of course, know that now twist the ascendant, tough times are still need him to support, so the wily empress dowager just for & other; Yellow jacket event & throughout; Light touch, but also gave him a wake: your handle holding in my hand, don’t laurels!

the path to understand the officer zeng guofan more know, twisting forces this & other; Mullahs & throughout; To die, he zeng guofan this & other; Running dogs & throughout; May also be & other; Boil & throughout; . Then, zeng guofan in suppression of war did not do our best, coupled with the front of the combat soldiers also fear once destroyed after twist, the court again to a big disarmament, therefore all low morale. Therefore, this just happened to a mystery in the strange: have a guard can destroy a powerful taiping rebels, but could not overcome the weak twist army?

empress dowager see war, summoned zeng guofan and zeng guofan conveniently recommend their self-satisfied disciple li hongzhang to empress dowager. She must write. Li hongzhang before led the huai army out the twist to the empress dowager cixi loyalty oath tables, says it will twist the driven, but also hope that the court can the teacher zeng guofan by halves. She also allowed to play.

(the “lecture room”)