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China’s letter, is also a kind of education system, well written, can become the teaching material, not only to share with my family, also share with everybody, not only share with contemporary, also share with later time. This has a premise, people write letter must mix was a success, success is compelling, have sold an edition of a book at the beginning of last century, mainly because of xiang, silver, battle the Yangtze river the great big business, called his book is the best advertising. The various ge is bright also like to write, & other; Not indifferent without reason, not quiet beyond reach & throughout; Is the language of signs in his letter, indifferent, quiet, future generations can click billions of times, has also not zhuge prime minister that cause, called the two sentences advertisement?

I like to read more than two letters, however, the past is read self-help, now is read, write a letter to education, but instead may reflect on the writer’s point of view, ZhuGeGong and had written letter state of mind? Article/li-ping liu benban images are data

zeng guofan letter: phoenix male letter like speak life lesson

said that once the teacher is male, phoenix anything too much. Had teacher from remote washed away to Beijing, go, go to ShiLang, went to the governor and two central scroll adult, was a standard version of phoenix men struggle road.

by examination successful phoenix man likes to talk, and through their successful experience pedagogic exam. You watch phoenix male teacher, pass the exam in Beijing, when the civil servants, life is good, light twenty-four years (1844), west son that comes in the front door in Beijing hutong rented 28 house, rent thirty bunch of money. May 12, feel life is happiness of phoenix man, wrote a letter to brother at home, is the academician courtyard shi told him, in a letter nagging but still test that something in it. Did he think of five years ago the hordes of wooden bridge & other; The university entrance exam & throughout; , & other; Fortunately, earlier name, not by its harm & throughout; , said he thanks to early on the fame, no answer read, will no longer be the review materials for public mischief, year after year this is clearly the phoenix men after the kind of mental state concerned.

you early fight after 60, 70, after the university entrance exam easily, do not know to have the same journey, until today, often dreamed that he also attend the university entrance exam, or do the review data.

phoenix men like to talk about the test

your success in the examination, to show the humble, but like the comfort of others, the old have also from time to time showing this seemingly modest, but proud of phoenix men, he said, my dear brothers, don’t be a exam paper waste your life, what I hope you, is not whether earning fame, & other; Miss life but also to test? Throughout the &; & other; We hoped to the brother who is in the family name in the presence of & throughout; Don’t always staring at a piece of paper, but & other; When service large far & throughout; , to the atmosphere, in the era of fame, take an examination of fame, where you can again big, far to go? Your pass, but advised and struggling on the road to detachment, this is obvious phoenix male voice.

the success of the phoenix men, much more special, love, talk about learning, talk about life, talk about goals. 24 years or above of light, to the old is only 33 years old, life experience is not rich, but because of officialdom mix too smooth, eager to share their joy and brothers back home, old comrade who write home again and again. I checked the, in addition to this year’s May 12, the old have also, on August 29, September 19 October 21, December 18th to brother a letter home, post addiction, as & all other Throughout letter & control; .

in addition to the first letter to ask some recent situation in the home, report their status in Beijing, the other is the phoenix men experience, is the teacher to HanShouKe younger brothers. Letter of September 19, for example, actually believe in two things: praise four brother reading, together with a man called Liu Xiaxian read don’t progress cannot be attributed to their life place is too small too closed, & other; Is the constraint of shall not be attributed to place throughout the &; To younger brothers don’t care what key school.

two things very simple, is the phoenix older men had dragged out a lot of truth in life, what & other; If can aspire to, sage hero, what not to? Why use? Throughout the &; Kyou-kan old sat down position, speak not lumbago, natural person, but to nest in rural communities that are brought food, without the help of a person, really everything hard, younger brothers also expect you to pull a, & other; Why should the help of people & throughout; Words are all fool.

later the younger brother, is full of old had pulled by the office xiang.

give younger brothers begin led protests

as for reading don’t choose local schools, this word is also unreliable, old once, think about all the old rival elder brother (hong xiuquan), is because there is no read school, no teacher give directions, the reading is always one track-minded, not to pass the final exam, the taiping heavenly kingdom had to start their own businesses.

had taught a kid, old once again said bitterly, my dad died early, I do the elder brother didn’t education good you, this is the place where I most ashamed of myself. Went on to say, the other people deal with me, can be I teach good, & other; And more than others, more have the Yu Yi & throughout; (don’t blush with shame? , it is your brother not to grow a few, I & other; Deep & since throughout; Again & other; Deep hate & throughout; , yes I’ll give you a chance, I give Liu Xiaxian also sent a letter this time, you make a copy of it, and study hard learning spirit in my speech (or not blush with shame? .

when a departmental level cadres in the capital of the old once, now write to younger brothers, younger brothers were nausea jaded, collective protest: a letter so eldest brother ah, we don’t want to hear you whispering in class. Old face thickness is still limited, after receiving the complaint, also feel blush with shame, and opened a book HanShouKe stop.

zeng guofan a book excerpt: the way of knowledge is infinite, and always give priority to with persistence. Brother in previous years, a great constant, slightly better in recent years, and not strong, early July, since there is no gap. Hundreds of words, writing daily imitating hundreds of words, copy book read 20 pages, as should also less much, no matter. Since July, has seen “Wang Jing male corpus” hundred volumes, the return of sichuan earthquake, 40 volumes, the book of songs “twenty volumes,” were “hundred volumes, all of his brush with circle.

qing daoguang 24 November 21 with the brother’s book