Zhang ailing and jiang biwei: as two sides of the coin Feeling both get totally silver

read the traditional Chinese painting master xu beihong and jiang biwei, found that more than about money.

the last time, it is their divorce, about one million jiang alimony, 40 old painting, one hundred painting by xu, xu had to Chiang to pay twice. In the eyes of others, perhaps feeling Chiang’s move too greedy. While others, but he held to see her under the month, mind travelling.

at the time, jiang to the outside, & other; I was put forward, convinced that no harsh, it is not only a xu beihong accept with no problems, at the same time, it doesn’t even make it up to eight years of the war of resistance against Japan I cost price for stroke baby girl. Throughout the &; When xu to catch the first fifty drawing, along with 40 old painting and two hundred thousand money & other; Throughout the &; To Chiang, but after some time said doesn’t count, jiang Yu Shixu again paid one million yuan and one million painting, please shen junru lawyer witness, two people LiZi according to settle.

things to this field, Chiang’s heart, it is a holding firewood, at last, burning embers, I’m afraid I did not even a blip on Mars.

a woman to her beloved man ask for compensation, when it comes to money, she really wants is money, the most demanding at first, I’m afraid of or a relationship, thinking of ways to force each other embarrassed, forced to compromise, so ask for enough malicious, as fickle as possible, let the other side powerless, helpless under, surrender.

the more such a woman, the more was a man of abandon, in reality, such as jiang biwei woman yet.

as one party of love, affection, man lift walk of cutting, and the woman is called each other, she must have a reason, so he pulled on the money. A familiar female colleague, she said, every time I make antinomy said break up, I will and, or a moonlight clan identity of the boyfriend calculate a bill, he admitted that he owed her, but payments for some time, ok, time like backward continuation of break up, still can be tortured each other, among which torture is love; Perhaps, and to us a good opportunity to appear too.

jiang biwei is not such a state of mind? But she hopes dashed.

despite the lawyer has repeatedly explained to xu beihong, because only two people living together has not married formalities, so, besides children tending to other requirement can be ignored, xu is more open, pay according to the order of the condition of Chiang is put forward.

when break up, the man in the face of a woman’s claim, or rejected, or directly pay packages, sentiment on this, they won’t go to fathom the winding state of mind of a woman.

the practice of xu, makes people thought of zhang ailing, and don’t say break up Zhang Xianghu paying, according to Hu Mou niece memories, when van comely crying to Shanghai to find zhang ailing, she calmly took out a bracelet, called van comely pawn off do abortion. A legendary figure, what is different, zhang ailing and jiang biwei is so different, like two sides of the coin.

love lost power and influence, to ask a man for money, as to save the love the last straw, after all, is not fully. Also, perhaps, still in love, don’t pull out completely.

according to the end of jiang biwei memoir, & other; Ever since I divorced when Mr Xu to draw my money for a living, until now, I don’t have to borrow money to anyone, and never made any money before. Throughout the &; For money, jiang biwei always liked to go, no, she is not willing to chang tao-fan money. Critics say, & other; She loves chang tao-fan, he refused to let the money doping in, don’t love xu beihong didn’t talk to him about the money. Throughout the &; At this time, money, is money, no any additional components. With age increase, the pattern of life will always be the upper boundary.

the feeling didn’t, don’t say that money. Really want to say for the sake of money, just from the bottom of the heart of the first love clean, so you can be calm and silver both.

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