Zhang ailing executors: not a fans waiting for 14 cases in four years

zhang ailing partial remains

he is not a fan of

in four years, he has kept the zhang ailing left 14 box. His father Stephen soong, also known as Lin Yiliang, is one of the world’s seven “a dream of red mansions” translator.

KuangWen beauty, his mother was press work in the United States, with aliases Fang Xin, translation work in the world.

his parents is zhang ailing novel of the copyright holder, his father’s death, zhang ailing loved ones while his mother was seriously ill, persuade her to will, in order to recapture the copyright.

his home, zhang ailing in identification and her personally wrote letters.

he is zhang ailing heritage keeper to lang song

after more than a month, zhang ailing is the 91th anniversary of the day. On July 24, Hong Kong book fair, west China metropolis daily reporter YaoFang caregivers song to lang to zhang ailing’s legacy. The song to lang son is Stephen soong and KuangWen beauty. Zhang ailing given Stephen soong couples put all his property. In 1996, Stephen soong’s death; In 2007, died KuangWen beauty. Song to lang inherits the parents legacy, also took the responsibility of the guardian Eileen chang relics.

t-shirts west China metropolis daily reporter from afar, song in order to get the fair lang offered from home near, face-to-face interview. He is sincere said: & other; Wanted to invite you to my home, see the Eileen chang’s 14 relic box to my parents. But just a few days I in decorating a room, the box was sealed protected, can not see. Throughout the &; Song to lang simply dressed, friendly, when it comes to being misunderstood but said indifferently. Surveyed finished, he take the subway home, with ordinary Hong Kong citizens.

heritage sorting: basically completed, only letters

west China metropolis daily: a lot of people wonder, why zhang ailing will be passed on to your mom and dad inheritance? Eileen chang has a brother, isn’t it?

the song to lang: my mother is the best friend of zhang ailing, until his father was about her agent. And she’s legacy is mainly literary heritage, she will is suitable to deal with the literary heritage of the people, should be well understood.

west China metropolis daily: zhang ailing’s exactly how much remains to be finishing?

Published in lang:

the song is not as simple as imagined, though I retired, but my company have work you need me to do. Need to check every book before, the most sufficient data to understand situation to zhang ailing’s writings. And some words were not sure, take a magnifying glass to find three people sitting at a desk to recognize.

such as “book of changes”, “the coasts,” is just a translation, I am looking for several months, because the family is a listen to zhang ailing, couldn’t get the job, not afraid of being scolded over well. As to how many did not finish, I can only say that has basic sorting out, the rest is between zhang ailing and my parents, estimates that a total of more than 600 letters more than 40 words letter, copy of this has to stop Beijing temples, entrusted to him.

heritage destination: considering donated to the library

west China metropolis daily: in the end how to handle your home that zhang ailing’s works of manuscript?

the song to lang: I was thinking of giving to the library. But I have a request that they want to do an electronic version, on the one hand, to avoid damage due to excessive visit sparked manuscript, 2 will also can let more people see. But haven’t found the most suitable library now.

west China metropolis daily: someone said you published by zhang ailing’s money?

the song to lang: in fact these people should also look at what I do. First, I use the royalties to launch a zhang ailing’s five-year research project, funded scholars in a variety of ways to study zhang ailing. Second, in 2009, “little reunion” has not been published at that time, I take out hk $1 million at the university of Hong Kong to set up a scholarship, special support from the mainland to Hong Kong to study liberal arts girl, to commemorate zhang ailing, because zhang ailing was got hku can scholarship to study in Hong Kong. Third, 2010 international zhang ailing seminar held in Hong Kong Baptist university, there are more than 70 scholars all over the world to be invited to come to Hong Kong, activity costs as well as the related research on publishing accessorial comes from my finishing on the version of zhang ailing’s literary works. In addition, there are 2010 in honor of zhang ailing’s drawing contest prize, and so on.

heritage authenticity: mostly handwritten manuscript

west China metropolis daily: Eileen chang’s book has the pseudograph editing and publishing in recent years?

the song to lang: this be specific analysis. I wrote the book “revisit border town,” the foreign land “, “little reunion”, “zhang ailing private sayings”, “book of changes”, “both coasts. Besides after two is a hard copy, are handwritten manuscript. But even if a hard copy also has her handwriting modify script. As for others through the old newspapers or other occasions found zhang ailing last, I can’t guarantee their authenticity.

west China metropolis daily: as zhang ailing’s literary heritage to execution, you are a fan?

the song to lang: I should not, I do my homework like in zhang ailing’s works, the most attention is not wonderful, but the caption she ever said on another occasion. The reason why I spend so much energy to do this, is because my parents as her friend, the entrusted as her executors, the task fell to me now, I should take to complete.

west China metropolis daily: have you ever seen Eileen chang? In the song dynasty lang: probably have two chances to meet, & other; Time is from 1952 to 1955, she in Hong Kong, I must have seen her with my mother, but I was born in 1949, already can’t remember. The second is her from 1961 to 1962 years in Hong Kong’s home for two weeks, I also make room to let her live. Impression I don’t remember had a conversation with her, she is always in the room in writing, and she told my mother is Shanghai dialect. Throughout the &;

packed in the box?

in 1994, Taiwan’s “China times awarded the lifetime achievement award to zhang ailing. On 8 December, zhang ailing wrote Stephen soong couple: & other; I write zhong-guo xie times, say I’m sorry can’t accept yourself, at least should be sent to illuminate a carved by glaciers, took photos and send copies to you. Throughout the &;

qian zhongshu Yang jiang also with them & other; Pen to chat & throughout;

the song home besides and Eileen chang’s origin is not simple, qian zhongshu and literary world just after the birthday of Yang jiang also with Song Guyou a less known friendship. In the Hong Kong book fair, in the song dynasty lang will qian zhongshu handwritten letters to friends Stephen soong manuscript displayed to the public.

west China metropolis daily in an interview, ask a way: & other; Your dad with qian zhongshu these letters, know-how and interesting, will consider like publishing Eileen chang’s letter and your parents will be published? Throughout the &; In the song dynasty lang said: & other; It is not clear. If you want to publish, could not unilaterally published my father’s side, and how to deal with qian zhongshu letter to Mr Yang jiang advice. I can think of a solution now has two kinds: one kind is money return qian zhongshu’s letter to the home, is not publishing is not of my business. The other is if you want to publish, the version I don’t want. I heard that qian zhongshu, and Yang jiang couples, there is a reward in tsinghua university student fund, I want to give money to the project should be a good solution. West China metropolis daily reporter zhang jie

in 1995, in the song dynasty’s parents Stephen soong and KuangWen couple as Eileen chang’s closest friend, in accordance with the will retained the die land writer legacy of 14 cases. They handed 11 cases with Eileen chang’s Taipei press publishing partnership for decades, and hundreds of them with zhang ailing’s letters, zhang ai-ling used everyday items, total 3 cases of stay at home.

KuangWen beauty until 2007, in the song dynasty lang realize three flat and put in the home hiding secret in tattered leather carton has what kind of value. “Little reunion” manuscript was found in 14 cases of relics. These looks nondescript paper box, loading were relics of Eileen chang. In zhang ailing’s documents, letters, manuscripts, and daily necessities such as clothes, lipstick, and even zhang ailing’s wig, glasses, watches, pens, cosmetics and 6 double towel cloth with soft nap before wearing slippers.