Zhang ailing’s Lantern Festival: a person look at the moon mind up the sorrow of life

Tan Yun

yuan snack, waxing first night of the year it was joy good, can often read zhang ailing, discovered the Lantern Festival and zhang ailing always with so few minutes of sorrow and misery. This may has something to do with zhang ailing withdrawn the heart of compassion.

the fifteenth day of the year was 1945. After seeing off friends qing su, zhang ailing pacing to dusk alone on the balcony, a tall buildings suddenly saw in the distance, printed on the edge of a large piece of carmine. She thinks are the reflections of the setting sun on the window, looking intently, only to find that is of the festival, the moon, as if frozen, wafted clouds slowly, on the full moon hide a shadow. Late in the smoke, see slightly undulating fringe Shanghai, looked at the moon in the cold night air slowly rising, zhang ailing mind emerge immediately a grief sorrow of life gone. Of urban short flashy, latter-day experience gathered in the heart of human civilization. She can’t help but lament: this, it is gone. Island of Shanghai in the 1940 s, but is still part of dispute stack of anarchy?

similar pain of floating, is once again in 1962, the eve of Lantern Festival. After the Spring Festival in 1962, zhang ailing in Hong Kong waiting for the dream of red mansions and the final message, only for stranded. While the husband as far afield as Los Angeles maaseiah, stroke in bed, severe illness. Hong Kong tour hope eventually evaporated, her life and maaseiah, and into a dilemma a precarious existence. 41, Eileen chang worried all day, night insomnia. The eve of Lantern Festival, the red moon hanging in the sky, quietly fai men. Zhang ailing stood alone on the top floor of the dark, looking at the distant lights, Kowloon, myself felt a kind of thorough marrow of lonely. A clear tears slide, inner sleeve. Bosom friend, string broken who listen to? Many of her worries and pain, even as far afield as ocean maaseiah, also don’t understand. Tired of zhang ailing finally flew out of Hong Kong on March 16. Years of such a lonely night of the Lantern Festival on the eve of her will to tears?

small scene in life, also can make delicate sensitive zhang ailing reminiscent of the Lantern Festival fireworks. Is that Shanghai has just suffered soon after the air strikes one night, the top floor, room 65 in changde apartment. Become as zhang ailing sat in the fire brazier, often poke broken charcoal base, then she always has very warm moment for infinite heart. The carbon dust made a lot of heat, the stars, the ashes scattered in the up and down. It reminded her of tang and song dynasty lantern fair, she felt quite like mountain city Lantern Festival fireworks. The gorgeous fireworks fleeting, not for a long time, the fire in the brazier, Yang mei red charcoal is not for a long time, she is always reluctant to break up, just stupefied looking at it.

the Lantern Festival is zhang ailing was also used to describe someone else’s poems, is unique. In November 1946, zhang ailing presented to tang big lang a “legend” and, in the book the cover of the back of big lang tang poems have comments: read tang poetry, as the Lantern Festival, the images will take a glimpse of fleeting gone with many people shopped. In the world can have such naive, lively, have such profound artistic conception & hellip; & hellip; Although I know a little, see also know that respect and precious. You may not!

zhang ailing is always glowing for others, but this time it. May one is grateful for the big lang tang (” legend “and can be published tang lang”); 2 it is to his poetry forthright and free and easy, artistic conception is really deep & other; Creates heart & throughout; ? Tang lang is originally want to chang the inscription as he published the book tang started to prepare the postscript, the tang dynasty started to went to press, it is going to it. But a better evaluation of achievement a literary anecdotes, impressive.