Zhang jinlai: who said to his wife if “journey to the west” the prize to get married

the graph is zhang jinlai

a big red, his eyes like & other; The Monkey King & throughout; As critical as scanning fans, yesterday afternoon 3 when, famous performing artists, who plays in the TV series “journey to the west” the Monkey King zhang jinlai, appear in chongwen books & other Product westward journey & throughout; Reader interaction and signings field, it provoked a crowd of fans and cheers. In response to this newspaper reporters’ questions about his marriage and family, & other; Monkey King & throughout; A face of talk about his wife and daughter happily: on June 12, is that he and his wife Yu Hong 23 wedding anniversary, he has a 20 year old daughter.

Yu Hong

zhang jinlai revealing that his wife was the “journey to the west” continuity girl, 23 years ago, on June 12, he won a gold eagle “public television” the sixth best actor, he put the date for their wedding anniversary, he was told Yu Hong & other; Wedding night, gold placard title. When I got the audience’s award, we married. “Journey to the west” shot after formally established families. Throughout the &; Zhang jinlai disclosure, if the audience may find a bit more careful, his wife was in “journey to the west” & other; Yutu essence & throughout; Liza lee’s mom. Now he and his wife in CCTV work, the wife have been working as deputy director, directed the provincial party committee secretary, the gobi mother “.

when it comes to the father did not allow him to fall in love, in zhang jinlai laughed and talked about the process of how to hide the love and affection to heat up. , he says, “journey to the west” a total of 41 set took 17 years, first he and his wife to work together, and she is continuity girl, slowly in constant cooperation with each other. Many audiences with his joke, in order to make the journey to the west my love is delayed. But he doesn’t think so, & other; If my father didn’t tell me took three chapters, it is difficult to let me finish the journey to the west the key. Throughout the &; He is grateful for the more traditional times, make he concentrated all his energy to create & other; The Monkey King & throughout; This role.

zhang jinlai, his daughter, 20 years old this year, have been studying English, hope that through communication in English, like “journey to the west” let more audience at home and abroad. & other; Our family is very harmonious, also very happy. A family of three, feel happy. Throughout the &;