Zhang kangkang said I was a fairy tale “form”

in 1950, was born in city, currently he is honorary President of heilongjiang province writers association. The seventh, vice chairman of Chinese writers association. Representative novels “invisible companion”, “red red Dan zhu,” “love gallery” daughter “of zhang kangkang. Essays five volumes, etc.

my childhood reading experience, particularly conforms to the law of children’s growth, readings 1, in turn, progressive according to age. Preschool hear adults tell stories, see picture book, the elementary school in grade one, literacy, slowly began to see themselves, including comic books. Is one of the first children’s book, the former Soviet union’s translation of the first grade pupils.

in the summer and winter vacation, my parents will give me to buy books, mostly in the form of fairy tale type. YanWenJing, takes, bing xin, of children’s literature, such as big star as lam old one. Again a bit bigger began to see the “Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale” the brothers Grimm fairy tale “& hellip; & hellip; About four or five grade, you can see the translation of children’s books of the Soviet union “cukor and cover,” timur and his partner, and d & middot; Bianchi forest newspaper. My parents a generation of intellectuals, so the Soviet literature. So my childhood reading, Chinese ancient books, rarely contact tang poetry in the middle school classroom learning. I was a fairy tale & other; Develop & throughout; , benefit from the beauty of fairy tale of the good to yourself.

I’m impressed, the biggest influence on my childhood reading a book is Robinson Crusoe, read pulled the possession, to the sea to adventure to fantasize, original alone in a desert island, far from even also can make a life, from now on I admire to personal courage wisdom.