Zhang wei: literature didn’t beat each other Is “die”

zhang wei

this newspaper in guangzhou – May 7, the 9th Chinese literature media awards flowers have the Lord, in the literature are held at the same time week & other; Today we need what kind of literature & throughout; Sharon, the award for the judges, novelist, the Netherlands and other Literature is dead & throughout; Said, has attracted many critics and writers. 2010 outstanding writers award winners, a famous writer zhang wei this exclusive interview that the Netherlands put forward the important warning, but historically, the fate of the literature is inherently & other; Die & throughout; . He also said he didn’t like literary awards, who defeated. & other; It’s not boxing and fencing, who can beat who? Besides awards just encourage, in the sincere thank you at the same time, also want to understand some simple truth, harder to write. Throughout the &;

flip history was comforted many

& other; Literature is dead & throughout; That isn’t the first time, in 2002, the idea of the Netherlands has caused a big discussion. Nine years later, literature is still there, but the literature, the Netherlands do not recognise. In his eyes, in the 1980 s the hot passion burning years of literature, literature is his heart of hope. In the present, he thought, the literature appeared to prosperous moment, repeat & other; Literature is dead & throughout; Topic, help to awake people’s minds.

to this, zhang wei think Netherlands put forward the important warning, he also often have the same concerns. & other; Historically, all these western great writer Hugo and zola had such a situation. & lsquo; Literature is dead & rsquo; , there have been hundreds of years ago. But later after many boom, may literary destiny is inherently & lsquo; Die & rsquo; . The Netherlands is a novel dead, not to say that the whole literature, there are still differences. Throughout the &; Zhang wei believes that the fate of literature cannot be defined with market phenomenon, more can’t use & other; Hot & throughout; Or & other; Cold & throughout; Partitioning. & other; Remember, during the “sets” has just published a speech at a university, at the end, the students lifted me, suddenly feel very uncomfortable. When they put me back on the ground again, that kind of feeling grounded. I don’t think literature is also in the same way, can pass from hand to hand in the air. Throughout the &;

into material difficult remains on the fear of

zhang wei said that his home in the woods east of shandong peninsula, in the past several ancient river, the geographical environment is particularly suited to an animal called the badger. Later, the local construction, doing laps up several hundred mu of land, raises a call & other; Old black & throughout; The big dog, dog yell a midnight just to listen: turns out to be a to the middle of the night over the wall in the badger, where there is a place where they live. & other; A badger did not forget for a moment his home, let alone people. Internet age, huge amounts of information push into the surrounding filled in every corner, the real is not far. People’s Daily lives judgment on two third-hand away from the real thing, had to ramble in the virtual life. Throughout the &;

zhang wei believes that because of this, people often have to endure great self-confidence and sense of impending, the 21st century literature has a hasty and anxiety. & other; Utilitarian, too close and too direct literary expression, will consciously or unconsciously become a part of materialism trend. People once a material trend, and then to keep sensitive to nature and the heart of fear will be very difficult. Throughout the &; He stressed that the lagging behind of the third world for a long time, are eager to study the literature of developed countries, are likely to learn one of the most bad part, rejected his fine national tradition.

young author is an important form of literature

zhang wei said that compared to the badger we modern people may lose the pain, & other; In our literature with consistent powerful humanitarian strength, we pursue the truth, perseverance, can restore today? Throughout the &; He thinks good writer is writing for the pursuit of eternal truth, however, tend to change with the change of writing has much to do. In order to create “you in plateau” this masterpiece, he started walking thousands of miles of returning to nature and difficult to explore, hope I can write good works.

for young writers, says zhang wei, & other; Them in a dramatic change of the era, sensitive to capture and enrich to express the present life, this is very important. Some young writers is very good, it is of important literary landscape. Throughout the &; Say to the network to the impact of the pure literature writing, he thinks, & other; Internet is just a way of published, a garden, has nothing to do with work. Sociality and the mass of the writing is the foundation of literary writing, and is not the same thing at the same time. Popularization of writing is not equal to enter the professional sense of creation. Literary writing needs to be extremely difficult to sharpen and training process, the road is often very long. Throughout the &;

literary awards does not exist who beat

for the outstanding writer of the year award, won the Chinese literary media zhang wei has their own opinion: & other; Literature and literature, to experience the test of time together. Award, this only shows that gives you valuable encouragement awards, you should thank the encouragement, at the same time also want to know everything to time, to do better. Only the fool in the industry for a reward to strive and smug. The industry of the mind if turned into a lottery and sports events and the like, that’s too cheap. Literature about their sexual and deep sex is born, it is not a home game, the need to understand, in the deep reading need to soak in the time. Throughout the &;

he said he doesn’t like so-and-so in literary awards, who vanquished the who. & other; It’s not boxing and fencing, who can beat who? Besides awards just encourage, in the sincere thank you at the same time, also want to understand some simple truth, harder to write. Throughout the &;