Zhang xueliang love to drive a car: the steward a lift to the tongzhou mistake him as a driver

data figure: zhang xueliang.

at the end of 1924, to serve the immigration, the headquarters is located in tianjin, with tianjin become attached to. Initially, after he LiShun deda hotel, Beijing in railway hotel, namely the 51 taierhchuang road hexi district garden hotel now. Then bought French concession feng road consular residence, namely now, 78 chifeng road. At that time, the Beijing city, shun king county palace, zhang xueliang often runs between Beijing and tianjin.

when the motorcycle had just introduced into China, zhang xueliang was in love with the & other; The items & throughout; , oneself also in tianjin foreign firm bought a Harley made in the United States a new motorcycle. In 1924, has been admitted to the cao home garden in Peiping, the 200 acres of big garden, zhang xueliang open motorcycle much good. Zhang xueliang cycling in the city not only, still ride motorcycles & other; Travel & throughout; Again, from tianjin to Beijing, from Beijing to tianjin, riding a motorcycle runs out in the Beijing and tianjin respectively. The schedule of overworked and long cold, once he had a bad cold, has been admitted to the Beijing union medical college hospital.

in 1925, zhang xueliang addicted to open again, his car is America buick car. At that time, zhang xueliang young success, our army despite my hectic, also some interesting things he drives. On one occasion, zhang xueliang from Beijing to tongzhou, he let the driver sit behind, and drive by ourselves. Just walk far, a person with a official shape after stopped their cars. Want to talk behind the driver, zhang xueliang wave signal don’t say you later. See the entourage said: & other We are going to tongzhou, townships, want to take your car, ok? Throughout the &; Zhang xueliang said & other; Line ah & throughout; The head on the car and his entourage.

by asked the townships, zhang xueliang & other; Where are you going? Throughout the &; The steward said to go to the police, the director of the. As luck would have it, the police was zhang xueliang, director of the original a page. He asked with a smile: & other; The garrison there? Throughout the &; The steward said yes, zhang xueliang asked who forces, the steward said: & other; Is the third and fourth army, Zhang Shaoshuai forces, he is very young! Throughout the &; He then asked, & other; Have you seen him? Throughout the &; The steward favour say: & other; I have not seen, when troops, county magistrate to everyone to meet, I go late as a result, force is gone, so I didn’t see. Throughout the &; At this point, the steward asked zhang xueliang, & other; Where are you? Throughout the &; Zhang xueliang answer: & other; I am a dragonfly car line in tianjin. Throughout the &;

zhang xueliang to drive fast, when reached a crossroads, the car slowed down. A crossroads soldiers on guard salute to the car, because the soldiers know zhang xueliang. Head feel very strange, asked who is sitting behind. Zhang xueliang answer: & other; I don’t know, anyway is an officer, officer is not big, also not small. Throughout the &; Then, zhang xueliang ask townships, you did not send travel come out? Yes, he said. Said zhang xueliang, you wipe my oil.

the car very fast, in a short time, tongzhou. The steward and his entourage a piece out of the car and zhang xueliang said: & other; You are really rude person, I ask your name, you even my name is what also don’t ask. Throughout the &; Townships even say faux pas, favour ask: & other; What’s your name, please? Throughout the &; Zhang xueliang said: & other; I am that you want to see not seen Zhang Shaoshuai! Throughout the &; The steward stood there, dumbfounded, zhang xueliang one step on the gas, the car drove off.