Zhang yimou zhang weiping 16 year-end parted art seek cooperation signing wanda

zhang parted ways with zhang weiping sign wanda

no boot program was lang lang autobiography into wanda guo denied that there has been contact with zhang yimou

since & other; The Chinese film industry & lsquo; Gold partner & rsquo; Zhang yimou, zhang weiping parted ways & throughout; News, zhang & other; Solo & throughout; After the ownership of the problem as a topic of hot debate. After someone has & other; Zhang yimou, signed a contract with domestic galloping horse pictures & throughout; , & other Old birds child signing CAA (hereinafter referred to as CAA) & throughout; Later yesterday, it emerged that leave zhang weiping & other; New picture & throughout; Join the wanda zhang yimou to 200 million yuan.

first works of zhang yimou solo career, has reportedly called “kiss of the dragon”, not only have a Hollywood star Angelina jolie, crosstalk actor guo degang, pianist lang lang will also be invited to join us. Yesterday, however, guo degang denied and zhang had approached. And lang lang’s assistant told China morning post reporter, indeed has made contact with zhang yimou team, would like to invite the shooting a film like piano prince growth course.

guo denied to join & other; Seeks the new & throughout;

in & other; Two & throughout; After breaking news, then some netizens said, & other; As early as march this year the domestic many movie companies have started contact with zhang yimou. Under the facilitate its imperial writer Chris liu, zhang yimou and galloping horse pictures, sign a contract. Throughout the &; Later, overseas media & other; Zhang yimou has signed a contract with CAA & throughout; The news. Mentioned, CAA brokerage agent zhang yimou’s Chinese movie, and will help it enter Hollywood market.

as all parties in the speculation and zhang weiping after breaking up where directed by zhang yimou, yesterday, and the news that the first works of zhang yimou solo career is called the “kiss of the dragon”, a cross is the subject of the film, the investment of $100 million. Not only have a Hollywood star Angelina jolie, will also invite some more outstanding Chinese artists in different fields, crosstalk performer guo degang, pianist lang lang actor Duan Gong puzhou opera of Shanxi Province, shanxi are invited. And a new generation of Chinese women and several popular new generation is also being considered.

yesterday, morning paper reporter interviewed guo degang manager wang hai with respect to this matter, he simply said: & other; We didn’t get the news, zhang yimou has no one contact with us. Throughout the &;

lang lang’s assistant told China morning post reporter li ning, and not heard “kiss of the dragon” this movie. But he said that zhang yimou really expected to cooperate with lang lang, lang lang’s success experience taken out in the form of biography. But this is not take the initiative to invite zhang lang lang, but intends to invite zhang lang lang. & other; Our story may according to lang lang’s personal autobiography “taking” creation, Chinese young people’s positive spirit. Want to cooperate with zhang yimou, also hope that with his talent and influence, make a Hollywood biopic. Throughout the &; As to whether lang lang, li ning said that does not rule out the possibility, & other; But because there are young piano performance is a part of the story, we may be audition actor. Throughout the &; But he also said that the current preliminary contact with zhang yimou only a few times, the script is in creation, everything else is not divulged.

no boot program in collaboration with wanda

about zhang yimou’s new owner, there is news that zhang yimou, with 200 million yuan with wanda for film and television media co., LTD. Signed a contract, the contract period is two years, during which zhang yimou all aspects of the relevant business to cooperate with wanda. Yesterday, morning paper reporter learned from people familiar with the place that there is indeed a wanda to negotiate cooperation agreement with zhang yimou, but since the both sides is still in the early stage of cooperation, so the message secret, is also no boot program.

but many insiders said, because the wanda bought north American second Cinema AMC (Multi – Cinema), so working with zhang yimou’s first movie goal is likely to sight the north American market. And insider told China morning post reporter, zhang yimou there won’t be stay there for at least two months.

for all sorts of rumors, zhang yimou yesterday did not respond.

16 years & other Two & throughout; End

in 1990, the merchant zhang weiping in a cocktail party met is in the midst of the career of director zhang yimou. In 1996, the photography, the producer zhang weiping investment cooperation with zhang yimou film “the word says,” well, from now on, & other; Two & throughout; Hand in hand into the film industry. In the next 16 years, two people cooperation “the word says,” well, “my father mother”, “hero” and “house of flying daggers” at the box office on success, or word-of-mouth & other; Two & throughout; Has become a magnate in recent years, Chinese film industry’s partner.

however, as early as in the film, zhang and zhang weiping cooperation, has spread & other; Two hearts clearance & throughout; The news. To have insiders revealed, because two people of film & other Is art or commercial dispute & throughout; . Last year, the shooting of “jinling thirteen women of investment of 600 million yuan, for partner bill, a temporary withdrawal of zhang weiping, even the house property property mortgaged to the bank’s zhang yimou, and will target film box office of 1 billion yuan. But the jinling thirteen women’s box office does not achieve ideal effect, the international market will be rejected. Coupled with the news & other; In the film casting & lsquo; Two & rsquo; To set the heroine to unpleasant & throughout; , zhang and zhang weiping mutual affection was given a huge challenge.