Zhang Zhonghang “denounced” master nan, let a person in distress situation

Zhang Zhonghang: let people in distress situation of master nan

or three or four years ago, I wrote “zen said outside the zen”, I was told that there is a old person in Taiwan master nan, learn Confucianism, Buddhism, and work a lot, can look for to see. I agree with the goodwill, but because of the lazy and busy, did not find. Recently, by chance, saw his BieCai “the analects of Confucius” is said to be the most important works, fudan university press according to 18 in 1990 to change this, hardcover two volumes, the price of 26.80 yuan. Still habit, see have never seen a book, always in a rush to open and have a look. But a see a big surprise. & ndash; & ndash; Not a surprise, but time and again and again. It would be nearly thousands of pages written in thought of the style is talking about where you, what I don’t want to say this, because paper also like a table, some people love to eat sweet, somebody loves spicy food. Only said a surprised, and then, three, come from I just turn the page up and down. No longer looked down, I said words of willful, is not to look down again. The following said can see at a glance, or said jing comes from. Want to is divided into three aspects.

one of, this book is done in the seventy s this century, and the opinion is still a small number of the word before and after the May 4th for granted, opposed to fight down conficians, that all the way. Confucianism should shouldn’t be down, the problem is very complex. Complicated to simple, I think, for a certain word, evaluation, at least also want to change with three pairs of glasses, and can see is not necessarily the same. For example, & other; Only women with little embarrassed to raise also & throughout; (” the analects of Confucius & middot; Yang goods “), put on from the era of psychology and sociology basically glasses look, see maybe there is not; The so-called historicism glasses look, maybe should see right side; Wear the past glasses look, don’t say it’s ridiculous mistake. But sing master nan is only wearing a pair of glasses, he in & other; Reprint remember words & throughout; In the said: & other; The value of Confucianism is, after all is ever new, of all ages irrefutable forever. Throughout the &; Is this true? In & other; The youdao, reed conquering Bai Tianzi throughout the &; (” the analects of Confucius & middot; old) as an example, the early Ming dynasty had soared to especially on special topic, it is seen as & other; Often new, of all ages throughout irrefutable & forever; ; As for hundreds of years later, I like it wont & other; Tapping on the heresy & throughout; Don’t think so, but it didn’t even such a & other Youdao & throughout; , because of the stream, that the son of heaven if powerful army, his internal power will be great to infinite, the result will be to do, how do bad things, and what’s worse is no force can stop him, make music instead. The master said & other; Throughout the world youdao &; , is one of the other fantasy is better than this, another may be follow traditions, to the right flow, have to sing. Think that the master nan had faithfully accepted such a holy, so advocate the king, loyal, XiaoQin, and so on. In addition, the idea of people always set, so he said, & other; By the old literary works into Chinese, have what function? Throughout the &; (2 pages) this is to emphasize mandolin south, against the vernacular. But he failed to carry out always in this respect, because he this DaZhu is written in vernacular. Or that thoughts, is remarkable is half a century later, with his opposition to colloquialism, preach a few past decades ago in classical Chinese of Confucius that a bible.

second, speak of “the analects” without involving the ancient things, specifically said small texts, master nan’s view, is “ancient bian” in the past, popular faith and good it all the way. Borrow tongcheng school term, is as long as the philosophical connotations, “rather than textual research. For example, he said: & other; Confucius’s largest important work for the spring and autumn annals. Throughout the &; (page 15) & other; When Confucius wrote the book of changes & middot; department of biography, it was the time when the spring and autumn period, the turmoil. Throughout the &; (page 66) is good, this view can be in central monarchy, such as found in the historical records & middot; Confucius family according to. However, can be found according to is one thing, reliable credibility is another matter. Distinguish between trusted and untrusted, rational basis, which is based on the ancient things. Designed as the spring and autumn period “and” yi “ten wing said, the live is very complicated, since the May 4th movement, textual research of the article, I think only tell you. In the spring and autumn period, the warring states has noted, in charge of the record important both (including foreign), that, in the spring and autumn of mencius believe Confucius as a admits that the spring and autumn annals is a history, Confucius didn’t made lu noted, have what power, or even what ability, be lu history? As for the “easy” ten wings, such as the most typical heavy “copulative”, regardless of his mind is still look at style, that can’t be “mencius” previous. I thought, history, history is of course important, but the history of knowledge should be placed on the basis of knowledge, such as aerial said, value is very limited. Think about ancient classics, master nan more surprise people, that is: & other; To study Chinese culture, Confucius compiled “rites” (the case refers to small wear “rites”) can’t watch. Throughout the &; (47) that has according to, want to is the Confucius family & other; But Syria book biography of rites & throughout; And, if so, you are more verifiable, to raise the status of Confucius, even turned a blind eye to the han Dai Sheng compiled historical facts.

third, make people more surprise for some explanation of the text of “the analects” (theoretical) refers to righteousness, and can not play, is really unprecedented. This the ancients mainly refers to the han people, Ma Zheng flow, dispersed in ancient books, although not one hundred percent correct, but adherence to Chinese law, or law of xian, so most credible. Can also include poets, cheng Zhu Zhiliu. Look at the universe life, cheng zhu has its own set, so it is dispersed in ancient books, also hard to avoid the opportunity to shake his belly, but for this machine, they did not dare to throw open the language rule. So if Zhu Wengong, namely the analects of Confucius, a book, called & other; Notes & throughout; To show no betray your ancestors. Can also include during the flow. Closer to the zen lu, neo-confucianism for broadcasting, but actually comes from Confucianism, bound by very respectful to envy Jackson’s AFoMaZu and didn’t dare to say ah SAN xian, said only & other; Images are my footnote & throughout; . Actually, this is only a kind of rebuild the spirit of self-confidence, as for the real images, he still can’t afford not to behave, such as & other; Dry zhen yuan Henry & throughout; The & other; Jane & throughout; He does not speak the chastity. Master nan is not, but regardless of the language rule, you can tell how happy to speak, said it was dispersed in ‘way, or just dare say, is indeed unprecedented. Comments should have evidence, the following proof. Evidence is too much, think only for three to one spot to replace the whole sceneries.

a, see page 34, 35, is about the study and the paper & other Without a friend is inferior to oneself person & throughout; . This sentence, the old solution is & other; Don’t pay than their friends & throughout; Owed yuantong, meaning because all think so, wouldn’t have a friend. Mean yuantong or not is one thing, however, that should be how to understand is another thing, before the soft, hard, after the two cannot simultaneously, such as mencius, also use & other; Others believe than no book & throughout; After the way to deal with, because of the hard, dare not touch. Master nan otherwise, is face difficult problems, namely the tong & other; No & throughout; The & other; No & throughout; Interpreted as & other; No & throughout; . She said:

so & other; Without a friend is inferior to oneself person & throughout; , what is? Is said don’t look down on anyone, don’t think anyone is. It is weight (case a convoluted), next is to respect the somebody else. & hellip; & hellip; & other; Without a friend is inferior to oneself person & throughout; , don’t think you friends than you, without a friend is not as good as you, & hellip; & hellip; Here are a few such a solution to prove:

so, how can I prove this & other; Without a friend is inferior to oneself person & throughout; Is this explanation? Naturally, according to “the analects”. If Confucius & other; No & throughout; The more puzzling words used as a verb (case: one, it is written in the analects of Confucius is disciple, Confucius written; Two, make & other; No & throughout; Solution is still the verbs), it doesn’t need this & other; No & throughout; . For example, the following some & other; No sense & throughout; , & other No I & throughout; , etc., are the & other; No & throughout; Words. & hellip; & hellip; Over the past one thousand years of interpretation into a friendship is in the center of snobbery (case as zhu note said & other; Friends so furen & throughout; , I do not know this & other; Snobbish & throughout; Whence), how is that?

the following master nan will show you how. Through two righteousness: one is the one of the elders that is reasonable, reasonable to pass, is not reasonable to understand; The second is the one of the elders, later generations have different understanding of the original intention to pass, not willing to. In order to measure master nan parlance, the former, involving disagreement, people have seen, it’s rare to finalize a word; The latter can be a word, is will be blocked. For more than one. First, & other; No & throughout; Make & other; No & throughout; Solution, and the reason is that the master nan language in a & other; Don’t & throughout; Solution of the analects of Confucius with & other; No & throughout; It is denied that the ancients words often arbitrary interchangeability. Here surface for point, but said the analects of Confucius, the master nan & other; Don’t & throughout; Solution with & other; No & throughout; , in accordance with the logic is a full affirmation judgment, but he forgot, in the same book, said negative judgment and many, such as & other No see light & throughout; , & other; Inaction SIMS Confucianism & throughout; And so on, can also be solution for & other; No & throughout; ? Second, take a step back and allow that can solve for & other; No & throughout; According to classical Chinese habit, & other; No & throughout; With & other; Friend is better than oneself person & throughout; Is the svo structures, & other; Friend is better than oneself person & throughout; Is the rear modifiers, full translation is & other; Not as his friend & throughout; , meaning is still & other; All friends are higher than their own & throughout; No different with the original. Third, while the master nan into & other; Don’t (have not translated into & lsquo; There is no & rsquo;) Look down on anyone, don’t think anyone is & throughout; , don’t understand this translation is from where to fly. Fourth, & other; Without a friend is inferior to oneself person & throughout; This section, said the gentleman to emphatically, not how, if & other; No & throughout; Make & other; No & throughout; The solution, BuChengHua.