Zhangzhou miss “floor” hidden temple after several renovations has no traces in the tang dynasty (FIG.)

south yamadera & other; Miss floor & throughout;

can park & other; Miss floor & throughout;

& other; Miss floor & throughout; Hidden in the temple? You heard me, miss floor, hiding behind in zhangzhou south yamadera Chen Taifu shrine.

miss floor, folk said & other; The best floor & throughout; , & other Embroidered floor & throughout; . Tin red walls of the building, second floor structure, carve patterns or designs on woodwork eaves, completely can’t see the experienced one thousand years of wind and frost.

, according to south yamadera master & other; Miss floor & throughout; Once damaged, after several renovations survived, but can not see the trace of tang dynasty architecture.

words this & other; Miss floor & throughout; Or a story of building.

according to legend, is only the original tang prince who compliant and king chan nanning house, because of the size is too big, someone inform against the guilty of trespass, court to imperial envoys.

curse will and body, the daughter of Chen Yong golden flowers of his quick wits, advised father house to temples, tonsure at himself. An imperial temple misgivings, Chen Yong survived, thus & other; Miss floor & throughout; Also called & other; Golden flowers floor & throughout; .

but according to the local cultural relics have in-depth study of more than 90 – year – old Chen Bei kai said the old man, the upstairs to be self Chen Yong Chen Zhong above five generations of ancestral god, the father of said & other; Five progenitor floor & throughout; , the so-called & other; Miss floor & throughout; Is misrepresented that and to correct for & other; The girl floor & throughout; .

unlike south yamadera & other Miss floor & throughout; , can park in zhangzhou Wen Chuan & other; Miss floor & throughout; See a new world. Hiding in the downtown, & other; Miss floor & throughout; Is still intact with the style of the qing dynasty classical architecture.

in the pond, pond water green, waterside pavilion, is covered with quietly elegant decorative pattern MuLou house & other Miss floor & throughout; .

, according to the older generations lived in the city because of garden is miss beep or original floor, called & other; Miss floor & throughout; . In room, small window, let a person can vaguely feel old, miss beep trapping yourself in purdah HouJia lang.

& other; Miss floor & throughout; That is largely anecdotal, without having to textual research.