Zhangzhou one girl sculpture is interpreted by students “reading the top a bird with”

sculpture in alternative interpretation (girl)

art sculpture, the sense that gives a person is culture, is elegant. Zhangzhou finance and trade school has a lot of sculpture. But recently the school a sculpture was not elegant was read, the young girl reading, holding the pigeons, are some of the students say & other; Top a bird use & throughout; And even on the weibo, let the school very speechless.

however, netizens are calling, such interpretation is indecent, but always can not only allow the artist so creative, but don’t let the student so imagination?

someone a whim

the statue is located next to the auditorium, modelling is a teenage girl knelt to sit, one hand holding a book, the other hand, in order to a pigeon. Xiao Lin told the herald reporter yesterday morning, the school students, do you think this sculpture is normal at the beginning, nor to the other side, shortly before a whim, someone said it’s like a girl is reading, and & other; Jacking & throughout; A bird, wittily jokes, said the idea of the sculpture is & other; Top a bird use & throughout; Spread out, didn’t think so.


however, several students to herald reporter, said he did not heard, but after hearing, laughed. A student repeatedly said: & other; Creative, why I didn’t think of it before. Throughout the &;

& other; Pretty imaginative & throughout;

the jokes on the weibo, causing many netizens. At this stage, some netizens said, & other; Reading is expensive, difficult employment & throughout; , especially among college students’ group on the social new & other; Reading useless theory & throughout; , zhangzhou CaiJiao students are spread on these words, may be students weariness, or be affected by this argument.

& other; Saw such a statue, lenovo, from one side shows that these students are still quite imaginative, it with a few years ago a statue of one hand, the earth is a somebody else say reading into a ball. Throughout the &; One netizen said.

but also some netizens have challenged the sculpture itself, think wider imagination space to the person of art, the creator had also should have thought of that, & other; Can’t only allow artists so creative, but don’t let students so imagination & throughout; ?

& other; How can you say useless & throughout;

for this statement, zhangzhou CaiJiao office director Chen was speechless. Chen, director of the introduction, the statue is around 2000, the school in the process of the construction of campus culture, build up its implication is by learning to fly in the blue sky freely. Students read this way, it is influenced by a network of grassroots culture, madness and make some bad words.

yesterday afternoon, zhangzhou an unnamed teacher told reporters, the leader is coming from the statue itself so much madness, temperament, the school should have more guidance, let the students set up correct concept of reading.

& other; Reading is a very happy thing, learn how to live, how to behave, how can say useless? Throughout the &; The teacher finally said.