Zhao cast and ntu framing branches off student protests: also I small branches (FIG.)


cast away, the spot left branches of modern express reporter ShiXiangHui taken

22, had been shot in universities we will eventually lost youth “to” (zhao wei’s film debut) cast in gulou district of nanjing university, but because & other; Cast off a twig when items & throughout; Caused by the storm. Modern express reporter to interview, on the one hand, ntu students Internet postings said cast a twig broken campus ACTS as props, calling for cast and take good care of the campus environment, and respect for ecological campus; Cast and claims to have, on the other hand, with the school consultation, and branches from outside schools was brought in, not from plundering on campus.

students initiative:

cast and should take good care of the campus environment

yesterday, we will eventually lost youth “to” cast in the drum tower view campus, attracted many onlookers ntu students, but also have students in south size lily BBS post said & other; Cast off a twig when items & throughout; , ntu students’ protests.

& other; In protestant see several small branches crew to fold as props, protestant up the stairs to the north building on the side of the young trees are going to fold, we shouted in the also don’t listen. Strongly condemns the destruction of the campus environment. Throughout the &; The Posting of students also posted a crew filmed the scene photos, words very fierce.

comments behind the classmates are also expressed support for message: & other; I also lost a twig in youth! Throughout the &; & other; Shoot shoot it, be sure to damage the environment? Throughout the &;

some students still bask in a cast and trample the lawn, and his passing a cast and crew stop experience.

there are classmates rationality, do not want to blindly blame the cast, but called for cast and take good care of the campus ecological environment, to minimize the damage to the campus environment.

a shot to cast off the branches the students said: & other; I want to say is, cast a view to the campus, ntu is not opposed to teachers and students, but the crew should respect our school, to take care of everyone on campus; Because of curious onlookers, want to take photos is also human nature. Cast and if don’t want to interfere with, can again outside put sign, write & lsquo; No photos & rsquo; Such kindness to remind. Throughout the &;

yesterday afternoon, the topic has skyrocketed to second south size lily BBS top ten list of topics, and such as sina, tencent microblog widely forwarded.

a lot of netizens think the practice of cast and broken branches is obviously not right, but a lot of star fans accuses ntu students & other; Make a mountain out of a molehill & throughout; .

school secret service:

cast and break a branch does

10 points at 5 yesterday afternoon, express the reporter comes to drum tower campus of nanjing university, near the north building saw cast and ongoing work from a distance, the reporter a little close, were blocked by the staff.

due to the spot has been wearing the uniform of the secret service battalion on school surrounded by security guards, the reporter can’t go in, in the periphery, a large group of ntu students eagerly, pointing on the spot, some even stand tiptoe, expect to see zhao wei.

reporter ask classmates around the branches, many classmates said already saw from weibo or sayuri, & other; If it is really, really is too much, again how also can’t damage the trees! Throughout the &; Stood by the secret service to tell a reporter, at 6 o ‘clock in the morning, the cast filmed here, is expected to call it a day, while no light at night on the branches, he said this parody, & other; Happened around 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon, it is cast and fold, but one, no weibo says so much. Throughout the &;

a filmed in looked on ntu student Jiang Yu (a pseudonym) said that he did at the scene saw crew disbranch twigs used as props, the surrounding classmates like all don’t understand the necessity for doing this, but the crowd too much, they protest nor effect.

& other; I just go to see the stars, although I am a fan, but I also am ntu students, do not want the campus environment from unnecessary damage. Throughout the &; Ntu students also called for on the BBS school related departments to deal with the cast, protect rights and profits of the campus.