Zhao Hang: Beijing flavour is not on behalf of the Beijing cultural reproduction courtyard also calls no atmosphere

Zhao Hang, born in 1948 in Beijing. The original Beijing yanshan publishing house editor, editor. For many years engaged in the research on the history of cultural history, history of Beijing Opera, and is the author of “gourmets informal essay”, “enough outside chip tan”, etc.

went to the house of the Zhao Hang have the feeling that surrounded by books, not in the study, filled with books. Miss zhao says with a smile, & other; Books too much, a month to send the publication of nearly 40 kinds, is also a great burden, the postman said, my mail is the most in the community. Throughout the &;

when the doctor was a historical misunderstanding

my father was once a zhong, deputy chief editor, in charge of the twenty-four finishing work. I have served as editor-in-chief of yanshan press, for 16 years, now retired.

since I was young, I like literature and history, my father was very busy then, mainly by self-study. At school, my English is very reluctantly, but liberal arts is better, catch & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Without the chance of going to university, and later to the hospital.

my experiences in peers is more special, has been relatively straight, not received too big impact, communicate with the old economist also is more, most of them are older than me 20 to 30 years old. I know more about the past the old, familiar with words and their stories a, so didn’t communicate with them the generation gap.

I nearly 11 years as a doctor, it is a historical misunderstanding, I don’t like medicine, eventually did literature and history.

diccourse cannot represent Beijing cultural

I don’t approve of & other; Beijing flavour culture & throughout; This idea, it will be in Beijing the civic culture. Beijing culture is diverse, as the imperial city in 800, and the palace culture and Confucian culture, community culture accounts for only a few.

moved the capital in 1928, the average person doesn’t care much about, but I think is very important, no longer as a political center, Beijing appeared a dismay, there was a transformation of the city, this period is also Beijing relatively prosperous period of cultural education development. The political and economic depression, but depression also appeared a relatively quiet environment, contributed to the rise of a culture.

protect traditional we late 60 years

some understanding of change takes time, today’s Beijing has been unable to talk about the overall protection, on this issue, we are late 60 years. Like a string of pearls, originally from one hundred pearl strings, now 88 is lost, we can only keep it 12 in isolation, don’t put it down again, also don’t again restored, non-renewable cultural relics.

in the city in the world, who all have not been destroyed in world war ii destroyed in world war ii (such as milan, cologne), such as London, Paris, Tokyo, more than ten years don’t you also won’t have too big change. Japanese people are very conservative, you eat a kind of burning flesh, each time is the same thickness, originally a dish for four pieces, still, taste is the taste of a few decades ago, and can’t say that this country is not development, its economy, science and technology have changed, but it can keep a city, originally a kind of tradition.

I am not advocating instauration

I have written several books of essays, talk about some of the old life scenes, at that time, the curtain, or people do not pay attention to the inside of the four articles and courtyard flower, etc., want to go to recite something or in the past has faded. The development of the society is always some things, some things lost, it is natural that I should think about these things with a peace of mind to look at.

I am not advocating instauration completely, you can copy the original thing, but you can’t recreate the atmosphere. For example, today you a exactly the same courtyard, even if you hide in the inside out, but in the past the air, noise and atmosphere has not reengineering. Such as the spring sky the pigeon pigeon whistle sound, cicadas in the summer, autumn, autumn winter night cries, no longer exists. When you opened the street gate, go outside, already can’t find the old feeling, can’t compatible. Times are different, the attitude will change too.

not save face, the wind will not answer?

today’s Beijing is already, skyscrapers in the city one of the few original a few hall in siheyun, also have a small kitchen now. Porch is what? Porch is indoor and outdoor, such as you enjoy the rain, sitting across the room glass window, sat on the porch, zero distance contact, is not the same as the house is. When the bamboo curtain hanging or reed screen, when the sun shot put the curtain down, when the sun is setting, roll up the curtain, this kind of life, this kind of quiet, I can’t find it now.

it is not only China, the tide of the world, the progress of science and technology make people impetuous, live very tired, lack of a kind of easy and comfortable, halcyon, is to the countryside, also can not find the idyllic life. Time moves forward, you have to make many sacrifices, gain and loss is coexist, our down the walls, gates, broadening the many streets, many should protect local ceased to exist. We also speak to restore ancient capital style in previous years, however, and don’t save, the wind will not answer?

is hard to find traces of dreams

search literature often talked about dreams, people tend to have a dream, sometimes dream about 20 years ago walked through the street, across the alley, to live in the house. Many of the old city in the world, after wake up, maybe you will find the dream vestiges of the past, look for the dream. But if in Beijing today, what did you do a dream twenty years ago, if you wake up to find again, it’s hard to find any traces.

over the decades, the change of Beijing is too big, we often use & other; The rapid & throughout; To describe, this is good or derogatory, I confused. When I lecture, often use a lot of history old photos in the PPT, but the content of these pictures, it’s hard to find today.

the past things are beautiful

Beijing culture is an entity, the entity culture can’t copy, because there is no regeneration, cultural relics in the era of atmosphere is unable to replicate, history is no if.

the Chinese aesthetic is implicit, I used to give Germany visiting scholar a lecture at Peking University, as an example, the late qing dynasty literati to someone’s home to go to the party. At that time is very exquisite, you want with your servant, clothing bag used for travel. After eating lunch, afternoon again chat, want to rinse your mouth after the meal, wash a face, change clothes, has a set of procedures. Others may morning in a piece of sapphire satin dress in a rose in the afternoon. One of the learning is very good, family is also very good, but better than everyone else is simple, when wearing a chou-heung color (tan) of poplin gown, pattern is ecru shadow, up from the hem is a bud yulan, couldn’t you want a closer look at the figure. Meal others change clothes, he didn’t change, can be in bud, original all into the decorative pattern of in full bloom after the meal.

in fine point, pay attention to home, also implicitly home, this is the profound Chinese culture. Originality in fine point, this kind of beauty is a kind of implicative, not make public and highlight, this is the real culture of Beijing.