Zhao Pu exposure gelatin insider disappeared after 11 days colleague: maybe on days off?

Zhao Pu (file photo)

recently, CCTV host Zhao Pu a advice & other; Don’t eat old yogurt and jelly & throughout; Weibo, caused the attention of the from all walks of life to gelatin and poison capsule, today events are still in the fermentation, Zhao Pu, however, from television and weibo from now on & other; Disappear & throughout; , many netizens speculate Zhao Pu & other; Block & throughout; .

this Zhao Pu said & other; No comment & throughout; CCTV said & other; Not clear & throughout; .

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CCTV host weibo exposure gelatin attention

at 11 o ‘clock on April 9, CCTV’s “evening news” host Zhao Pu weibo, said & other; Forwarded from investigative reporter message: don’t eat old yogurt (solid form) and jelly, especially children, inside very terrible, don’t elaborate. Throughout the &;

just two lines by netizens immediately crazy forwarded 130000 times. Some netizens thank Zhao Puwei remind. But the economic observer investigation news reporter wen-qiang zhu also confirmed on weibo Zhao Pu, & other; Which day you threw a pair of broken shoes, quickly into your belly throughout the &; .

shortly afterward, two people will delete the related weibo, but in the next few days, gelatin and food safety become a hot topic of people from all walks of life. To April 15th noon, CCTV reported in the weekly quality report & other; Gelatin is made into medicinal capsules from the leather waste & throughout; Insider, caused the national attention.

when a netizen reminds me lighting & other; The fuse & throughout; Zhao Pu, Zhao Pu seemed & other; Disappear & throughout; .

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screen disappear 11 days netizens suspected be & other; Suspended & throughout;

careful netizens found that Zhao Pu on April 8, is still in its “evening news” anchor appearance, 9, which disappear after the fact. And Zhao Pu Revelations of sina weibo since 11 stop updating, tencent weibo also update only to April 10.

the reporter sees in the CCTV website, the program broadcast every day. Zhao Pu in February and march appear frequently, each time intervals ranging from 1 to 5 days.

the 8th April 1 solstice Zhao Pu out five times, April 8 haven’t appear in the future. From 16 to 19, hai xia, LangYongChun, OuYangXiaDan and Li Zimeng four of the columns of the host.

news about Zhao Pu, only zhongxiang in 15, weibo, said & other; Today afternoon Zhao Pubang sent stamp (help) me, I asked him what’s wrong with the old yogurt, he said that today the line-up (tao). I asked & lsquo; Really have any problem & rsquo; ? He says it is & throughout; .

so many netizens speculate that & other; Zhao Pu CCTV suspended throughout the &; , there are also net friend says & other; Zhao Pu may be days off & throughout; . Hundreds of Internet users in weibo Zhao Pu message support & other; With a conscience & throughout; The host, also called for & other; If it is true, hope Zhao Pu CCTV recovery efforts & throughout; .

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Zhao Pu said & other; No comment & throughout; You said not

this morning, the reporter dialed Zhao Pu phones, conveyed the netizens’ greetings. Zhao Pu end of the phone ha ha smile, but reporter mentioned netizens to its & other; For tweeting suspended by CCTV & throughout; Zhao Pu not suspicion, positive clarification, but like the original & other No details & throughout; Told reporters, & other; I can only say that the four words: no comment & throughout; .

reporters then call the editor-in-chief of the secretariat of CCTV and public relations division of the telephone, the other are said to Zhao Pu & other Disappear & throughout; & other; Don’t know what’s going on throughout the &; .

CCTV’s “evening news” you staff also said & other; Don’t know whether Zhao Pu on days off & throughout; , & other Not clear whether Zhao Pu suspended & throughout; .