Zhao zhongxiang was publicly batch of Yang LAN “impolite” : call Chen Jiang name

zhao4 zhong xiang2 (figure)

zhongxiang (figure)

more than 20 years ago who work together zhao zhongxiang and Yang LAN, hosting programs for years almost no overlap. A few days ago, the teacher and pupil in the woman show & other Goodbye & throughout; The disclosure, an interview with Yang LAN, zhao zhongxiang Yang at line & other; Embarrassing things & throughout; , Yang also blow itself up, zhao zhongxiang was criticized her bad manners in public.

, Yang said she just entered the CCTV work at that time was just at the beginning of a society of college students: & other; Once he (zhongxiang) came in and asked, you are the new comer? How do you at the time of recording shows, so polite, tube Chen Jiang teacher a first-name basis? From then to now, I was already people on TV then call & lsquo; The teacher & rsquo; The habit of. Throughout the &;

while talking about zhao zhongxiang to life entertainment, skip the moonwalk, singing children’s songs, wearing a wedding dress and holds up the jiangnan style again recently. For all questions, zhao zhongxiang a face of helpless said: & other; Do you think I’d be happy to, I don’t like, but also be forced out of the courage to try new things. Throughout the &; It is reported, this program will on November 3rd night in hunan satellite TV.