Zhao4 ben3 shan calligraphy clap a sky-high easily NiPingZao open exhibition in 2011 (FIG.)

zhao4 ben3 shan for calligraphy “longteng phoenix dance”


NiPingKai exhibition guide stars pay tribute to count showbiz star play art reason behind

on February 21st, ni ping with hundreds of his paintings made its debut in Beijing, and announced that will begin next month 2, held a week of one-man show. On the same day, not only has the support of large number of fans to the scene said ni ping, also attracted Yang LAN, JingYiDan, zhu jun, zhao zhongxiang a number of famous host greeted. In fact, in addition to ni ping, in the entertainment industry like to draw the star is not in the minority, Elaine, li xinjie, do do held personal exhibition, painting also seems to be a lot of stars in front of the tent of meeting after retirement.

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on February 21st, ni ping in zhongxiang, zhu the testimony of all the friends, announced their own exhibition opens. Actually, this is not the first time the ni ping a one-man show, as early as the end of last year, ni ping has held a personal exhibition in shenzhen. This time, will show to the national culture center in Beijing, ni ping’s confidence in his work.