Zhao4 zhong xiang2 promotion grandpa excited annunciation Sun grandson born as (figure)

zhongxiang to 10 o ‘clock in the morning 45 points in weibo yesterday said he, when grandpa first released a photo of grandson was born crying loudly, wrote & other; I come, the dragon son. Throughout the &; Soon after, added: & other; My grandson was born. I thank all the kind people bless for him! Throughout the &; Friend ni ping also said tweeting, & other; The teacher zhao zhongxiang telephone report good news today, he rises grandpa, grandson was born, 7 kg! Excitement at miss zhao voice tone sandhi. I said this version immediately, & lsquo; The full moon treat! & rsquo; Words haven’t come out and telephone has been hanging over there, the frugal grandpa! I play in the past, and the line is busy & hellip; & hellip; Must be good, estimates that even notice to guard the big ye. I cannot express joy, then painting the picture of the mother and son peace – good news. Throughout the &;